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Luckbox Appoints New Head of Product

Esports blockchain-based start-up Luckbox has added Aleksandar Dimitrov as Head of Product, the company announced in a press release. Dimitrov’s background includes companies such...
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Luckbox Joins Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC)

Blockchain operator Luckbox is a platform that focuses on esports betting. The platform has just broken out a press release announcing its...
Macau's landscape.

A New Blockchain-Based Casino Coming Out of Macau

The technology that inspired Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is now coming to the aid of gambling companies. A Macau-based entity has announced plans that it...
Luckbox podcast episode 7

Blockchain company Luckbox and Roman Dvoryankin talk esports

If you have missed the latest esports blockchain project Luckbox’s latest podcast, worry not – for we are here to recap it. The project...

Federico Rosario Under Legal Pressure Over Unmet Investment Promises

The world of esports is enticing. That of cryptocurrencies often puts people in mind of a quick profit. And when the two collide, investors...

New Platform Wagerr to Revolutionize Sports Betting

Blockchain is changing the world of sports betting in its entirety. However, only a few companies have managed to make a real difference. Today,...

PlayChip Foundation Gets the Go-Ahead for an ‘Xchange’

PlayChip Foundations Ltd. is an Australia-based gaming & betting agency. It has now adopted its first cryptocurrency solution, a token of its own to...

EOSBets Gets Hacked for $250,000 EOS, Admits Fault

An EOS-based gambling platform has exposed how fragile balance in the world of blockchain and crypto-powered iGaming and sports betting operators is. Earning your...
KPI Gaming clan's logo and background of a game.

Why Nano and Blockchain are the Future of Gaming

Nano, a cryptocurrency solution, has been increasing in popularity. Its value at the beginning of the year jumped by 30% from what it...
The World Crypto Con at Aria casino.

Aria Casino to Host Blockchain-Based Poker Tournament

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been changing virtually every industry out there. From shipping products to favorite pastimes, technology has been shaping a brave new...


Meet Pluribus, He Just Beat the World’s Best Poker Players

Pluribus is the third alteration of the most ambitious poker AI to date The AI defeated multiple players at the same time Pluribus' code won't be released...

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Main square in Buenos Aires, Argentina's capital.

Superliga Argentina Secures Genius Sports Integrity and Data Deal

Superliga Argentina secures Genius Sports data deal The company will target data piracy and focus on preserving sports integrity ...
A casino in Cambodia, which will be closing after the license expires.

Cambodia Stops Issuing Gaming Licenses and Renewals

Cambodia to suspend issuing new licenses Existing licenses won't be renewed Police begins to enforce the new directive immediately
A sportsbook lounge in Nevada at a landbased casino property.

Sportsbooks Registration Process Still Too Rigid in Nevada

Nevada still won't allow customers to place wagers remotely Estimated 17% of sports fans would rather play offshore than travel...
Conor McGregor toasting the crowd at a public appearance at a UFC fight.

McGregor Punches Man in Face Ahead of Future Fights

McGregor punches a pub patron in the face for refusing a drink of whiskey Irish police have opened an investigation McGregor is...
A baseball player successfully batting away a pitched ball.

FanDuel Signs a First Gaming Partnership with MLB

FanDuel becomes official gaming partner to MLB MLB now moves past royalty fee and focuses on data distribution This is a first partnership for FanDuel of...