Catch Daniel Negreanu’s Summer Poker Schedule

WSOP is not cheap. If Daniel Negreanu’s announcement is any evidence, the World Series of Poker tour throughout the summer is not going to be inexpensive. Players who want to win and are serious about earning money as poker players have to shell out quite a bit.

The summer schedule Negreanu has lined up is going to cost him $2 million. He has it. This professional poker player has won more than $2 million in his career and continues to get media attention for various things that he participates in, including ambassadorships.

Negreanu stated you need to play to win. If you want to be a big name in poker, you have to be willing to join in the various games and shell out the money to make it happen. A marathon runner doesn’t show up the day of the race without having spent time running, training, and getting into smaller races.

He will begin his poker trip for the summer starting in May 2018. The investment will be $2 million to ensure he is part of the most prominent games of the summer season. It is entirely possible for him to earn 20 times what he is investing.

Players need to have the big blind ante and entry fee. The changes to the World Series of Poker require a player not only to have their entry fee but also to have the ante when they are in the big blind seat.

Negreanu’s Career Wins

Daniel Negreanu has amassed $36 million playing poker in tournaments. He is considered the top player regarding winnings. Betting significant is what he does. Daniel will go to 39 WSOP tournaments, which are hosted between June 1 and July 15. One has to ask when is he going to sleep. These 39 games are just a part of the summer play. He also has games lined up before and after the WSOP tournaments.

It is the most hectic schedule he has had to date. He is even surprised that he decided to book that many tournaments in a single summer. But, the buy-ins are made, and he is amped up to play.

His first win may come in May with the $25k WSOP Fantasy draft.

Make no mistake, Negreanu is a businessman. He is also helping to sell $500,000 worth of action to fans who wish to get into the games. It is a risk given his little slump, but maybe it is his year.

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