Casino Malta Buys a Brand Concept from Net Gaming

Net Gaming Europe AB came up with the concept, brand, and trademark for “The Battle of Malta.” They have now sold this idea to Casino Malta for a whopping 300,000 euros. The Battle of Malta poker game has grown since its beginnings in 2012. The original organizers had a great concept that has increased the desirability of the brand name to the point of making sure it would sell to Casino Malta for such a high price.

The game had increased in demand since 2012 when only 349 poker players signed up to play. Now over 2000 people come to the tournament, and it is most likely going to be even higher for the 2018 Battle of Malta Poker Tournament.

Pokerlistings used to be behind the name, but Casino Malta decided it was worth buying the entire concept when Pokerlistings chose to sell.

What is Happening with BOM

The Battle of Malta may be run under a different casino—Casino Malta, but this is not going to change how things are marketed or how many people show up. If anything, there may be more entrants this year from the hype of the sale as well as the typical marketing strategy.

Net Gaming said that they gained a marginal profit from the 2017s game. They were also happy to announce the change with Highlight Media making Battle of Malta into the tournament it is today.

Plenty of hosts have been a part of the past tournaments too, which may help keep the event on everyone’s radar for 2018. For example, Kara Scott, Gaelle Garcia Diaz, and Maria Ho have been the hosts for the game. In 2014, Battle of Malta gained the Global Poker Index European Poker Award, which also shows how important it is to all the world-class players.

Now, for someone who may be sitting down at poker tables with a modest income to spend on their games, the Battle of Malta may seem like a dream. There are buy-in requirements that do not always fit with the smaller purses. However, the game is undoubtedly one to aspire to and perhaps make your mark. If not, the publicity of the tournament is going to remind you that you want to watch what these top players are capable of and learn a little something from them. Keep your eyes out for when the Battle of Malta starts, so you can marvel at the top players in the world.

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