Casino Closures in Latvia

Boracay Island closure more acceptable to casinos than the newest closure in Europe. Boracay Island is closed for clean-up, in a not so nice way, the president of the Philippines called the island a cesspool. One must wonder if the casinos will be able to get people back, after the clean-up or if the president will stop them from operating. But, it is not to the extreme for one location—Latvia.

Latvia is perhaps not a country many think about, until it is in the news. The Latvia City Council is a bit under siege from vocal protests about their recent casino closures. The country may be in Europe and far away from the tropical paradise of the Philippines, but both countries are each suffering from casino access.

More than 40 casinos were closed in the Riga district of Latvia. The historical district had gambling facilities that the council decided to close. The supreme court ruling in February offered limited permits for casinos to open. Now, it seems that lawsuits are being filed because of the new laws. Casinos are launching legal action against the City Council because they were all given the red stamp of rejection for the permits.

In 2017, the Riga City Council took nine operating licenses from casinos and then took another 33 away. The exceptions to casinos that were not closed have everything to do with ones that have hotels attached and have four or five-star ratings. Each closure went through a vote by the city council. When a casino gives the closed vote, it will only have permission for five years to start shutting down and then close permanently.

Gambling Addiction and Closures

Gambling addiction is blamed for Latvia closures. The headlines are saying gambling addiction and casino closures are happening due to alack in proper gaming policies.

If the gaming policies change and are accepted casinos may be able to open again, but it does not seem likely that Riga will let casinos open again. With too many downsides being viewed by the council, Latvia may discover their casinos are gone forever.

It is possible at least two more casinos will be told to close, which would leave only three in operation. If the current laws are not repaired and the council can continue to close casinos as they wish with a vote, then gambling may disappear altogether.

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