Canadian Kristen Bicknell Continues to Lead in CPOY

Poker chips in place

It’s hard not to like her. It’s even more difficult not to have heard of her. Kristen Bicknell continues to wow the poker fans not only with her charms, but impressive poker skill. As one of the Canadians to make her appearance during the WSOP events in 2017 she has been firmly set on attending as many tournaments as she possibly can.

Ms. Bicknell and Her Career

And she has been doing quite well. According to 2018 Global Poker Index (GPI) Canadian Player of the Year (CPOY), her efforts have been picked up by the ranking service, which now places her #13 for 2018 and #1 in her own country. An impressive feat exacting much admiration and respect.

To get an idea of how skilled and accomplished she is, think about Daniel Negreanu and Sam Greenwood. Only difference is that if she went head to head with them, she may actually win. Ms. Bicknell has been rather more modest when it comes to winnings, but she has been solidifying her name and reputation.

Proceedings from live action haven’t been so bad, either! With $2 million won from live tournaments, Ms. Bicknell does have something to be utterly proud about. But she doesn’t seem to care about money. She’s happy to be in a career where she’s really good and can outshine the competition. Oh, and how she shines!

She’s currently ahead of Mr. Greenwood in the CPOY ranking who is trailing her with just a few hundred points. The competition is quite neck-and-neck, we will have to admit. Negreanu is far behind, lagging with a few thousands, but still hovering dangerously close.

The Glorious Day of WSOP

The WSOP event was not a one-thing affair for Ms. Bicknell. She joined the fray at full bore, cashing out of all seven events she participated in. During the $3,000 NLHE tournament, she managed to add $29,284 in winnings, which was not all too bad. Ms. Bicknell is also a PartyPoker ambassador, which puts her well up there with other accomplished professionals!

She also managed to perform brilliant at the Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) DeepStack Championship Series. Boy, that’s a mouthful to speak out loud! Still, back to Ms. Bicknell the rather lengthily-titled event brought her as much as $200,000 in her total winnings.

All in all, it’s been a very generous year for her. Even though she has been around since 2013, her total winnings have stayed rather modest. However, she has managed to add two WSOP Bracelets throughout the years, which definitely indicate how skillful she is. Yes, WSOP has been generous to her.

She won one in 2013 and the other in 2016. The 2013 was a strictly ladies’ affair with Ms. Bicknell outlasting the fair competition that had flocked to get a piece of the action. Still, 2018 was truly great for her with some 21 tournaments already cashed in.

We expect Ms. Bicknell to continue establishing her good name and add to her bankroll in a discreet and yet firm way.


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