Calvin Ayre Faces Backlash for “Young” Twerking Cubans

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Calvin Ayre, the famous Canadian-born entrepreneur and cryptocurrencies investor, has posted a series of photos on Twitter in the company of several young women representing the “Cuban dance team” in Havana, the capital.

Calvin Ayre in the Company of Cuba’s Dance Team

Canadian entrepreneur and Bitcoin SV advocate Calvin Ayre posted a number of pictures and a video where he found himself surrounded by five young girls. Posting on March 12 on Twitter, Mr. Ayre made a splash across social media.

His first Tweet was captioned “Drinking Rum with Cuban dance team in Havana”, which immediately drew a lot of fire from followers.

People tuned in to comment in droves, generating 2,700 comments, over 2,100 likes, and over 700 shares. Many were unkind. Some stipulated that Mr. Ayre has been mistreating children, but he himself stated that everyone in the video was at least 18 years old, with the youngest participant turning 19 in a few months.

Mr. Ayre argued against the criticism. Sporting a rich portfolio of assets, including the Ayre Group and Bodog brand, he is hardly one to make faux pas. However, the roasting continued.

A skilled entrepreneur, Mr. Ayre kept his upbeat attitude and reminded his critics that everyone who attended the party was an adult, and then followed up by posting a 30-second video from an evening party during which the girls were performing.

The polemic continued online with Mr. Ayre heading out for the beaches of East Havana, in Santa María del Mar. Visiting Havana wasn’t all leisure after all, with Mr.Ayre putting up a photo of himself with his Canadian lawyer who had lived in Cuba for 25 years and was now advising him on cement exporting investment in Cuba.

Mr. Ayre also reminded people who weren’t happy with his social feed to refrain themselves from following it. Not planning to egg on the disgruntled users, he concluded by posting a Tweet of him wine toasting with one of the dancers that was featured in his previous tweet.

John McAfee, one of the world’s most influential crypto traders, issued a reprimand against Mr. Ayre, explaining that he was “heading down a dark alley”. It later transpired that Mr. McAfee had threatened to boycott Blockchain Cruise, a swanky gathering where crypto and blockchain experts network and talk business.

Mr. Ayre is a prescient businessman and he has realised that some people may still pursue a legal recourse against him for posting the videos. On March 18, he tweeted that he had asked his legal team to take photo copies of the IDs of everyone who attended the party.

Acknowledging a potential investigation, Mr. Ayre concluded “that it should be fun”.

Despite the outrage on social media, Mr. Ayre is technically right. If there’s an investigation that isn’t dropped, it would likely prove what Mr. Ayre has been telling everyone all this time – all the girls at the party were of legal age and willing participants in his garden party.

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