Caesars and Japan, a 100-Year Partnership Looms

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Caesars Entertainment certainly knows how to do business. And when business is good, why not seize the opportunity? The gambling operator has offered Japan an offer that the country’s government could hardly resists. All of this in anticipation of the upcoming casino resort, which will allow big overseas operators to move in and kickstart Asia’s next big gambling hut.

A Hundred Years of Bliss

The casino resort which Japanese aptly calls integrated resort (IR) market has been shaping up nicely. Enjoying the popular support and that of the government, the project may be a few years away, but this hasn’t discouraged brands to pursue an active expansion. Caesars Entertainment has decided that business is good enough and the slots for the first operators to open doors are precious little. As a result, the company is offering Japan a “100 Year Partnership” . But then again, Caesars has been mulling to move into the country for a while now.

Caesars is targeting Japanese sentiment by launching an active marketing campaign all across the country making its intentions known to the wide public. However, as its marketing pitch intensifies so do the promises that it would need to keep, even if things go awry.

However, Caesars doesn’t lack props. It has been using different designs and plans of potential integrated resort in Yamashita Pier in Yokohoma. Caesars know how to mix culturally-significant elements with an excellent salesman’s pitch. They have based their concept on The Great Wave, a ukiyo-e by Hokusai, a national artist.

Not Really Calm Before the Storm

Things aren’t as calm as they seem though. Even though Caesars has been meticulous about targeting the locales of its potential new operations, local citizens in Yokohoma have been in fact quite vehemently in opposing a casino resort in their backyard as it is. Still the re-election of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is most likely to be good for the industry.

The defiance didn’t come juts from ordinary citizens, with associations and businesses also opposing the idea. Meanwhile, Caesars has continued to tout its achievements and intentions. A new announcement revealed that Caesars has worked out a gambling system specifically designed for the future properties in the county. This, of course, seems a little pre-mature and any novelty is probably just a rehash of something already in existence.

Japan is also wary of any new sudden and abrupt changes. A new regulatory body has ben recently introduced to deal with the matters of casinos. Caesars, though, will try to facilitate matters for everyone. The company is prepared to register & track customers so as to guarantee that no illegal gambling is taking place on the premises.

Caesars’ Expansion Bit Continues

Caesars knows that if it’s to secure a slot, a prospect in which the casino is quite convinced, it needs to signal strong determination. A denial of its operations would set it back millions, especially with the company now preparing to hire the architects and workers to erect its own facilities within the integrated resort.

Meanwhile, Caesars has been adding to its in Japan with the introduction of Shinya Okiyama and Kengo Nishmura as manager of development and head of government and community relations respectively.

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