Brazil’s Winfil Casino Reopens for the Third Time

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Winfil casino is accepting real-money slot bets again after being closed down twice. Those not betting in the casino are placing bets on the casino and its period of operation before the third closure. Gauchazh, a Brazilian newspaper, stated that the casino, which is situated in Porto Alegre, is taking real-money slot bets. The newspaper added that the casino had been visited by 70 people on Monday night who were gambling on the slot machines.

The previous two occasions that Winfil opened its doors resulted in police raids. The police confiscated the casino’s equipment with the money in the machines. This will Winfil’s third attempt in just 4 months at opening its doors to the public to play the real-money slots. Casinos in Brazil are illegal. Winfil representatives stated that a court judge permitted them to transition from demo slot machines to live slot machines. The sentiment was not reciprocated by the judge who the Winfil representatives alluded to.

Laerte Louis Gschwenter, attorney for Winfil, is stated in Gauchazh as saying that after the second raid, the company received court documentation that support Winfil’s representatives’ belief that the company is allowed to trade with live slot machines. The police chief says that the court document has not been brought to his attention and a third raid is inevitable.

The Brazilian Legislators

The Brazilian legislators are dilatory in the process of finalizing the gambling expansion legislation. The legislators still need to solve the issues surrounding the different bills submitted by the Senate (PLS 186/2014) and the Chamber of Deputies (PL 442/1991). The Senate’s intention is to set up casinos, internet gambling and a lottery game called Jogo de Bitcho. The Chamber’s plan is somewhat similar, although, its internet gambling proposal is vague as the Chamber referred to it as ‘electronic bets.’

Rodrigo Maia, President of the Chamber of Deputies, expressed his belief in Washington this past week that offenders need to be penalized. Maia was quick to turn his back when the topic of expediting the present draft of the Chamber’s legislation. Maia, also, stated that he was hopeful that the bills will be finalized and voting will take place by July.

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