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If you have missed the latest esports blockchain project Luckbox’s latest podcast, worry not – for we are here to recap it. The project itself has been gaining a fair bit of steam, too, not least of all of the insightful and useful podcasts that have been gaining traction, too.

Luckbox’s latest episode featured a number of noteworthy points:

  • Dota 2’s Danil “Dendi” Ishutin joins Team Secret for a one-off stand-in against his home team of Dendi
  • A proper sit-down with’s Roman Dvoryankin and talking esports

Host Sujoy Royo was joined by Paul “Redeye” Chaloner began by recapping on the effort that has gone into creating the podcast. By way of introduction the pair discussed the stand-in appearance of Dota 2 professional Danil “Dendi” Ishutin for Team Secret against Na’Vi, his former team.

Roy broke the news after Redeye had successfully guessed the name of the stand-in for Team Secret. The match has just completed and despite the presence of Dendi, Team succumbed in Game 2 and Game 3 Autumn Brawl, despite the bets favouring them heavily.

The mention of Dendi fit with the next point on the agenda – the interview with’s manager Roman Dvoryankin.

Where are Headed and Are Esports Top-Heavy?

Despite a less than ideal at Dota 2’s The International 2018, Dvoryankin appeared confident in his team’s prospects, noting that while things within the teams have been fraught, has managed to stick together with a fairly unchanged roster and the determination to continue adding titles to their name.

He took a question from Redeye about the performance the team had showed at the crowning Dota event. Dvoryankin made a good argument pointing out that may have underestimated the meta, which could have potentially put them on edge.

Even then, the team is already looking past the minor snag it had hit and into the future. Sujoy noted the successful partnerships between players Roman “RAMZES” Kushnarev and Alexei “Solo” Berezin who secured a Head & Shoulders and Gillette sponsorships.

RAMZES doesn’t have enough facial hair to be the face of Gillette” – Roman Dvoryankin, Virtus.Pro Manager

Dvoryankin opened with a joke, citing RAMZES’ poor facial hair as the reason why he had to settle for Head & Shoulders instead of the man shaving brand. All partnerships of age aside, the discussion highlighted the particular merits of the latest International.
The hosts had arranged for most, if not every team, to bootcamp on site allowing them to adapt and avoid setbacks, such as jet-lagging or not having had a proper rest.

Elaborating on some of the industry’s pillars, such as CS:GO and whether the developers from Valve have put enough effort into keeping up with the new crop of battle royale games. Dvoryankin replied that CS:GO was already a game that has reached its perfection and Valve were definitely not neglecting it, especially at a time when they had been introducing performance and gameplay improving updates.

Discussing whether esports are top heavy, Dvoryankin noted that, just as in any other sport, the top 100 or so players are the ones to make a proper living, citing tennis as an example.

To wrap things up, Dvoryankin dropped an exclusive bit of information about’s bear mascot whose name is apparently Boris.

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