Blockchain and Crypto Taking Poker’s Main Attractions

Lee Davy says there is a change in focus for two poker influences with regards to blockchain and crypto. Adam Pliska has a four-year contract. The World Series of Poker is taking over the American Poker Awards in the media. Negreanu did not win. Phil Hellmuth sold his 60 percent shares of the LAPC action on YouStake and took part in the game on Day 2.

PokerStars also stated they have plans to merge with poker and sportsbook marketing for the Big Race. Partypoker gave Viktor Blom $1 million. Alex Dreyfus head to Hong Kong and Doug Polk did not have a recent decent YouTube video. But, why are all the jumbled names and facts pertinent? It comes down to the poker industry. All these people have something to do with how well the poker industry is going to grow. The players, bloggers, and companies are marketing machines, which keep the poker tournaments going.

If you have people leaving the game and investing in other sectors, this will change the growth and revenue of poker. It has not happened yet, but there are definite moves being made towards investment in cryptocurrency and blockchain construction that have a few players “leaving” the spotlight in poker.

Dreyfus is particularly keen to get his part of the blockchain and cryptocurrency market. eSports seems to have taken a back seat, with poker in what some might refer to the basement. Poker is fun, but there are still needs to invest when you are an entrepreneur, and Dreyfus is nothing if not a businessman.

Doug Polk seems to be a hit in the poker world right now. Doug does have a hit YouTube blog, where he talks about poker. His numbers are 176k subscribers and counting. His videos also see about 200k views with each new upload. However, the information says that he may be turning to somewhere else.

Doug Polk Crypto

He has launched a new YouTube Channel. Will he have time to keep both of them up? There are doubters out there. He has also mentioned that he will need to spend his time focusing on the cryptocurrency and blockchain talk over poker to build his subscribers. Some may follow from poker, but not everyone will. He said that he is also looking at his core values and sees that he may need to realign his thinking. This statement came after a feud with Negreanu.

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