Bitcoin Cash Accepted at BitStarz

BitStarz is the latest online casino accepting Bitcoin Cash or BCH for funding players during online gambling sessions. Bitcoin was added to the list this week, for BitStarz, which has free and real money play options. It is a new way for the casino that opened a year ago to accept more players.

The site accepts deposits from standard casino methods. They also allowed payments from Bitcoin and SegWit1X or BTC. Taking the third cryptocurrency is just the way many online casinos are going. Several poker platforms are being pushed by cryptocurrencies to start using things like Bitcoin to allow more gamblers access.

BitStarz moved quickly to accept the BCH form of payment, which was first used at CoinBase. It shows there is a rapid interest in cryptocurrencies. BCH is only a few months old, but its block size and low transaction fees are helping it expand quickly.

BCH is a true Bitcoin, according to Satoshi Nakamoto white paper information. There is a race for digital currencies to be accepted and to make a place in the world much like PayPal and Visa have for making online payments.

LiteCoin is Available Too

Litecoin is part of the BitStarz options. Gamblers who want diversity in cryptocurrency payments or buy-ins will not have to look further than BitStarz, which is also part of their marketing strategy. Several slot machines, Baccarat, poker, blackjack, roulette, and Punto Blanco games are offered at the casino. There are 23 table games to be precise.

Gamers can also enjoy live tournaments with things like Slot Wars and Table Wars.
BitStarz appears high on the list for cryptocurrency gambling, even though they accept several standard methods of payment. BitStarz players can also use USD, Australian dollars, Euros, and the Ruble to start playing on the site.

Many people are still trying to gain an understanding of how cryptocurrency works, while thousands of online gamblers and investors are making plenty of money using this form of payment. The future may well include cryptocurrency as the only form of payment if it continues to grow exponentially.

However, there are still those who are wary of the online concept of mining for Bitcoin and other similar currencies. So, for now, anyone who has a desire to play casinos games knows they can use standard currency methods, while they work out how cryptocurrencies work. BitStarz is doing their part to ensure the digital currency world remains in place.

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