Bill Shihara Joins Unikrn a Cryptocurrency Board

Bill Shihara is the CEO for Bittrek, and now he is going to back a Crypto gaming platform by joining the company’s board. Unikrn is a Cuban based company.

Unikrn is an eSports betting platform. It has recently added Bill Shihara, who is the co-founder of Bittrex to their board. The idea is to use Bill’s knowledge to build an even more successful company. Unikrn wants its token to be accepted more readily and become more secure, which the company feels is possible by hiring the right person for the job. UnikoinGold is the name of Unikrn’s cryptocurrency.

Rahul Sood, the Unikrn CEO, made a statement Thursday, June 28, 2018 regarding Shihara’s joining the advisory board. The UKG network is going to open up and start offering crypto sports betting very soon. Shihara’s role is to advise how the UKG can become more secure and a digital currency to trust. Shihara, according to Sood is a game-changer for their company.

Six months ago, Bittrex launched UKG trading. Bittrex is a Seattle, Washington company that offers a cryptocurrency exchange. It decided to launch the UKG trading and now it seems the situation is going to get better for both companies.

Sood stated he is counting on Shihara’s insight and direction to help increase the UKG adoption and acceptance around the world. Shirhara is one of the leaders in the world that is considered a qualified crypto person.

UKG is using the decentralized ERC20 token, which is on the Ethereum blockchain, an offshoot of Unikoin. Unikrn launched in 2015 but has typically ben overshadowed by bitcoin and other Ethereum brands. UnikoinSilver is also available , but it is UnikoinGold that the company would like to get more public. The silver option may be withdrawn completely, with the new moves the company is making.

Unikrn had $31 million come to the company in October 2017 with their initial coin offering, which is helping the company launch itself into the eSports world. They are also planning other moves in the company to access players in eSports, such as getting back into Australia with real-money betting.

Cryptocurrency Around the World

Israel is not jumping into the Crypto-verse as many other countries are. Cuba is perhaps the most surprising country to launch a cryptocurrency company, most recently, but there are still several locations that are not sure digital currency can truly overcome paper and coins with regards to stability and acceptance.

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