Bill Perkins and Changes to the European Poker Tour


The European Poker Tour is set to stop in Monte Carlo. PokerStars is part of the tour, and so is Bill Perkins. Bill Perkins tends to wager on poker the most, but in one interesting situation, he actually wagered on someone’s ability to lose weight. Perkins is considered one of the top players, who has his life together.

PokerStars Live is an important concept for the industry, and people like Perkins and John Duthie make a positive impact. Duthie is behind the current European Poker Tour, who saw it as a side gig, but is now taking more of an active role with upcoming European Poker Tour changes. The changes are making the tournament more enjoyable for players. The 2018 updates were announced last year, but are taking effect soon.

So what has this to do with PokerStars, Perkins, Duthie, and Monte Carlo? It is a hodgepodge of interesting information. First, PokerStars has players from around the world, who go online to play for big money. Monte Carlo was once home to the flashiest VIPs in Europe, where plenty of money continues to flow still.

PokerStars is not like Monte Carlo, in that they require people to come to them in the country. Instead, PokerStars gets its customer base from around the world using satellites to stream live poker tours.
Those who play at PokerStars tend to feel special, such as the no-limit hold’em championships that help someone become richer.

The European Poker Tour heading to Monte Carlo offers the same feel, and anyone who can qualify is going to show up at this poker tour.

Updated European Poker Tour

PokerStars is bringing the European Poker Tour to Monte Carlo with a lovely championship and live events. Online satellites will allow some individuals to play for winnings, but the main fun is going to be for those who can afford Monte Carlo’s buy-in.

The European Poker Tour has 39 events total, with 27 of them using a Big Blind Ante. The BBA is also part of the Main Event. There is one re-entry into the Main Event per player as long as they can afford the cost. There is also six platinum passes people can try for to get to Monte Carlo for the events. Some of the passes are randomly provided through a drawing and others are through winnings of other tournaments based online.

One other main change is the shot clock, which will begin on Day 2.


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