Big Blind Ante for Eight WSOP Events

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The WSOP or World Series of Poker started using the Big Blind Ante last year. The WSOP announced they are going to use this type of betting style for eight out of 78 events. These events are scheduled in the summer for the World Series of Poker. There will also be events at the World Series of Poker Europe. Players will be able to join the games at King’s Casino. The WSOPE will be at the casino in October.

The big blind ante is a way to streamline gameplay at the tables and make sure all players have anted up before the game begins. The big blind seat moves at the table. When a player is a big blind, they need to pay the ante, which keeps all the players at the table in the game.

More Additions to WSOP

The big blind ante is not the only thing that is changing with the World Series of Poker. They are also going to use the Shot Clock for the big money events. You might already understand that the big blind ante is being used during the main events too, which is another reason it is only eight games.

The shot clock is a way to keep the game moving. Players will have around thirty to sixty seconds to decide on their cards before they either bow out, up the ante or call. The shot clock has been in use longer than the big blind ante. It is one way to make sure the player thinks for only a short amount of time or during the play of others.

For those who want to know which events will have the shot clock and big blind ante:

Event #5 is the $100,000 high roller event. The next one is Event 13, which requires $1,500. Event twenty is $5,000. Event 45 has 30-minute levels and $1,000. Event 74 is six hands with $10,000 as the price tag. Event 77 is another high roller at $50,000. Lastly, event 78 is the $1 million Big One for One Drop event.

The trial will extend to the $200 event at 4 pm and the $150 daily deepstack at 10 pm. There are also two other deepstack events, $25l and $50k high rollers that will occur in Kings Lounge.

There is also a new rule regarding the Mega Satellites in the Pavilion for those who want to watch the games.

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