Betway Sponsors West Indies Cricket, FACEIT

Betway, one of the heavyweights of the betting industry, has a flair for keeping itself in the limelight. The operator has long been one of the most venerated bookmakers out on the market, thanks to its acumen and expertise in settling business matters. Its expansion has been rapid and padded by careful consideration. The marketing channels the bookie has so far used involved assets as diverse as sports and their electronic counterparts. To get its name out there, Betway has been the official sponsor of a team for the popular first-person shooter game, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive.

Betway Pushes its Expansion

The Malta-based bookie has been adding new partners in the recent months. It’s most recent partners have been quite telling about the focus-marketing strategy the company has assumed. Betway is now tied up with cricket and is the Official Betting Partner of Cricket West Indies, which is quite popular in the region. The addition of these two seemingly unimportant aspects of gambling are not intended for American nor European audience.

Betway’s expansion in cricket and races is the company’s way to target a specific segment and bring it into the fold in a way that guarantees long-term revenue. The company’s track record of success is quite expansive as well. Apart from steering clear from any scandals, Betway has not been shy to make an appearance in public and take up on social causes.

The company’s practices are deemed to be in compliance with international gambling norms and the company itself is subject to the Maltese Gambling Authority scrutiny.

A Sport for the Future

But Betway is far from only taking a traditional course in establishing its credentials out there. The FACEIT London Major is a water-shed moment in a segment that you may have heard of – electronic sports. The FACEIT London is the first such event that features CS:GO and is held in London.

This is why Betway has not passed up on the chance to become the event’s official sponsor in a bid to consolidate its presence in the segment. Betway has indeed quite the foresight when it comes to settling itself up as a distinctive leader. Its forays into eSports are not new, though, as Betway is one of the few non-endemic bookmakers to have introduces wagering on eSports betting very early on.

The social score of the company has also been impeccable, with the Search for Talent in Ghana running for a second consecutive year. Betway is looking for individuals of athletic prowess, including promising coaches.

A Course for the Future

The company intends to expand across any channel and local market, adding as many customers to its offer as possible. With the targeting of sports that are exclusive in particular areas of the world, Betway is certainly getting a leg-up in finding a foothold there.

While Betway’s portfolio is already quite significant, the company doesn’t seem to abate its desire to drive inroads into new markets and seek the publicity that bolsters its good repute among gamers.

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