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BETER Live Expands with Two New Studios in Romania

One of the studios sports a European style, while the other one is in an Indian style, the company announced

BETER Live, a provider of next-gen live casino products and gaming solutions, has opened two new studios in Europe to keep up with the demand for its content. One of the studios sports a European style, while the other one is in an Indian style, the company announced.

The two new studios were described as state-of-the-art facilities designed to provide a “sophisticated, stylish and relaxed environment” for BETER Live players. The company’s team has made it so players can always find tables tailored to their preferences.

Some tables have a cinematic atmosphere, evoking the feeling of a traditional casino. Others are darker and will use LED lighting to look sportier. Lastly, there is a selection of modern tables designed to appeal to the younger generation of bettors.

BETER Live’s signature mint color is visible on each table in the European-style studio, making the company branding much more recognizable. That studio combines classic design with a modern approach and leverages floral patterns behind the glass to make players feel relaxed.

The Indian-style studio, on the other hand, features traditional Asian games and an Eastern aesthetic. Its design has been consulted with local specialists to reflect the East’s cultural traditions.

Players can have a look at both studios by watching exclusive digital tours on BETER Live’s official YouTube channel.

The Studios Indicate BETER’s Direction

BETER Live’s director, Anna Vikmane, commented on the launch of the two new studios. She said that she is proud of what the company’s team has achieved and of how much the company has grown. However, she added that these are “only the first steps” in the company’s growth journey.

These are only the first steps, and we have no intention of slowing down regarding our expansion into new locations. We also pay special attention to dedicated tables and studios that meet our partners’ requirements.

Anna Vikmane, director, BETER Live

Meanwhile, Gal Ehrlich, BETER’s chief executive officer, said that the new Romanian studios “indicate where the company is heading.” He added that his team is always hunting new opportunities to provide customers with engaging experiences.

BETER’s philosophy, according to Ehrlich, is to provide customers with cutting-edge products that dazzle them with superior design, while impressing them with their technical quality.

BETER Live has cemented itself as a top provider thanks to the quality of its live casino games and the professionalism of its dealers. Each of the hosts is trained to the highest possible standard and excels in making players feel special.


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