Bayern Munich Defends Title, Defeats Hoffenheim

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It may be so that everyone talks about the English Premier League (EPL) but today we focus on the Bundesliga and Bayern Munich’s respectable start in the competition. Here’s what happened.

Bayern Munich Achieves Important Victory

Bayern Munich has managed to defeat Hoffenheim, reminding friend and foe why the team was at the very top of the German football food chain. Under its new trainer, Niko Kovac, many doubted whether the change in leadership wouldn’t reflect poorly on the players’ game, but no such thing has come to pass, as the team kept their pace and systematically dismantled the defences of Hoffenheim without creating danger for their own goal keeper.

Even though Bayern Munich didn’t score its points in a well-organized attack, the chaos that took place twice before Hoffenheim own goal was enough to allow Bayern’s footballers to land the ball in the net both times, followed by a third spot later on.

Robert Lewandowski managed to restore the lead with a penalty. He missed but Arjen Robben managed to finish the job. Robben was the individual to finish off what the Polish striker had begun. However, according to VAR checks, Robben had stepped into the area too early, meaning that Lewandowski was back to the penalty point for another shot.

Needless to say, that didn’t sit well with Hoffenheim fans who thought that was flaunting of the game’s regulations. If Robben couldn’t have waited, then Bayern should have lost their opportunity to shoot their penalty after the first attempt.

However, this was not the first time VAR had to come into play and relieve tensions.

The All-Seeing VAR

VAR was also needed later on when the result stood at 2-1 and the game was drawing to a painful end. Leon Goretzka managed to shoot into a defendant which bounced off Muller and into the net. The situation necessitated a review which ruled it out.

Still, Muller was back setting up a goal situation for Robben who didn’t miss and put the overall score at 3-1. It was indeed an intense game that saw both sides compete to the point where fair play may have been slightly stilted.

Still, Bayern Munich were unstoppable for most of the game and they pressed on their opponents enough to not give them any opportunity to handle the rushing onslaught of attacks at all. Of course, Bayern struggled to overcome the defences of Hoffenheim, but with nearly 70% possession of the ball, the team had the much better odds of winning, as it did.

Looking at the states, Bayern also shot twice as many times as has Hoffenheim. Hoffenheim also stood as the less graceful team, though, with 21 fouls as opposed to 5 for Bayern.

And while the team won, they now have to stomach the injury of Kingsley Coman who had to leave after an injury. All in all, though Kovac has been doing a fine job with Bayern. He took after Jupp Heynckes who had led Bayern before the transition. Defending its title, the team remains at the top of German football. And it’s all deserved.

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