Battle of Malta will Have Competition

The Battle of Malta has reigned supreme for the last few years. However, according to PokerNews, there is about to be a new player on the market who is vying for attention against the Battle of Malta Festival. Montealegre is the owner of Portomaso Casino. She has attended the Battle of Malta and taken that blueprint of fun for her own, with some definite upgrades.

Montealegre is going to offer the Malta Poker Festival, which may not be in direct competition with Battle of Malta, but it will give players more opportunities for fun and poker play. The buy-in for this festival is 550 euros, which you might remember is the same as the Battle of Malta. There is also a guaranteed prize pool of 500,000 euros. The prize pool is to be divided among winning players, but those details have yet to be released. For now, the Malta Poker Festival is going to offer the same prize pool as the Battle of Malta, with more information to come later.

The date for this new festival is currently listed as November 1 through 6, 2018. However, the dates are not in stone. It may be only a few days of celebration or the entire week. You are going to have to keep your eyes open to see what happens with the dates if you are interested in attending this new festival.

PokerListings sold Battle of Malta’s concept, but most of the poker community is not going to think anything has changed. In fact, there is just a new name with the festival. Shortly the BOM will disappear, and all you will recall is the Malta Poker Festival. Even without a set schedule, there is going to be a main event, with some side poker games to keep everyone entertained. A website will also launch a package to help players get to the festival. Keep your eyes open for the details.

Inside Details from Montealegre

So what is Montealegre thinking? Well according to her interview, she is hoping to continue breaking new records for Portomaso Casino. They have done well in the last seven years taking on new challenges and making it a place to go. The tournament will bring everything to the next level. Montealegre says they are listening to clients and implementing everything they can to keep their customers happy, which also means offering top quality poker in Malta like the poker festival happening in November.

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