Battle of Malta Main Event Continues in Day 2

The Battle of Malta Main Event is about to return today and give fresh opportunity to those who seek to conquer its summits. The prize pool is almost doubled than what was initially guaranteed. The event in itself has proven a large success. The whole festival held by the MPN Poker Tour is an outstanding event for all fans of the game.

Malta Draws Huge Crowds in MPN Poker Tour

Malta has become the hub of many things. From iGaming to building and developing blockchain technologies, to even esports tournaments, the small 300,000-people country is now hosting one of the largest MPN Poker Tour events.

The Battle of Malta Main Event is already breaking records, outpacing last year’s 2,070 entrants and the tournament has 3 days before everything has been wrapped and dusted. With the final two days of play upon us, Day 1C and Day 1D are already behind us, and hundreds of players are flocking to the Day 2 stage of the competition.

Looking at the numbers, 1C managed to amass a combined number of 1,548 entries, with 1D adding its own fair share of entries for the late registration option. Additional 412 entries were registered. Naturally, these numbers don’t reflect the exact number of competitors, as some people buy-in again and again.

However, they are an accurate gauge of the interest in the event, which is another important metric. Battle of Malta’s 2017 entries were around 2,070 whereas this year’s edition has managed to amass 3,815 entrants (with late registrations now closed).

Speaking in more tangible terms, though, this is equal to €1,850,760 that are up for grabs by those players who manage to distinguish themselves. The sum is also well beyond the €1 million guaranteed.

The Malta Festival Continues in Full Force

There has been a lot of excitement around the festival. We saw John Arne Riise, former Liverpool FC player join the main. Beyond the main contest, though, there have been other noteworthy events, such as the €100+10 Ladies Event and €150+150 PLO.

A separate charity event managed to amass about €2,500 in ticket sales, with 250 people turning up to watch. The organizers gave the rest of the amount to bring the total number to €20,000. The sum was passed to Malta’s First Lady who accepted the donation on the behalf of charity organizations.

Circling back to the tournament itself, one name stands out from the others. Flaviano Cammisuli is an Italian player whose live earnings aren’t particularly high at €120,000. Nevertheless, he seems to be ahead of the crowd with 808,000 chips.

This shouldn’t reassure young Mr. Cammisuli too much. Timothy Adams got tossed out 10th, even though he had a very serious claim for the title itself at the WSOPE €100,000 high-roller event. This is not a surprising event in itself, even though Mr. Adams had 50 big blinds lead, he still got overwhelming by the hands of his opponents.

With the Battle of Malta Main Event set to return at 13:00 (1:00 PM local time), we are all excited to see whether Mr. Cammisuli will manage to retain his own lead and succeed in winning the big pot.

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