Banned Online Casino Beats Out Other Advertisers


An online casino is blacklisted in Russia. However, news states the advertisements of this casino are winning out against companies like Coke and Yandex. In fact, out of fifteen advertisers, the banned casino was higher on the list for video advertisers in January.

Friday, March 2, 2018, Mediascope announced the results of a survey to find out the top twenty most watched online videos regarding advertising for January 2018. They listed Azino777 as fourteenth. Curacao licenses the casino.

The list was compiled from 100,000 Russian Internet users regarding their video viewing habits. Some of the most prominent corporations like Pepsi, Nestle, Proctor and Gamble, and L’Oreal were on the list. However, there were only four internet-based companies. These companies were Google,, Yandex, and Azino777.

In the ranking of overall companies, Azino777 may be in fourteenth, but the company was able to pull off a higher viewer rating than other online names, as well as some of the top companies offline.
Azino777 had a minute promo that featured a top rapper—Viti-Ak47. The rapper was talking about the virtues of winning rubles at the online casino, as well as the barely dressed females. The video was a hit launching in September 2017 and gaining 7.5 million views on YouTube.

Russian Law of Gambling

Russia banned casino and poker via online verticals; however, they do allow online sports betting websites to operate legally. Roskomnadzor, the telecom watchdog for Russia, has listed 318 online casino domains on their banned list. Azino77 is one of those casinos, as well as its various mirrored sites.

Alexei Byrdin, the Internet Video Association Director, told Kommersant, Azino777s video coming up, as the most-watched is “monstrous.” He expressed shock that Roskomnadzor’s blocking tools are not working. The watchdog has blocked nearly 63,000 gambling URLs and domains in 2017 and added another 6,200 in January. There does not seem to be much impact with blocking the sites.

Byrdin also spoke about possible gambling sites offering pirated copies of copyrighted material. Azino777 is reportedly a preamble to the TV shows and movies, which are pirated. Byrdin said the site is trying to fill supply and demand for film, TV, and other pirated content, as well as get their advertisements out there about their gaming offerings.

Russia is going to continue efforts to block online casinos and ensure they are not getting through. Users are being blocked whenever there is a new list of mirror sites and online casino and poker sites that are not permitted.


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