Badziakouski Wins $5.2 million in Triton Series

Hand checking two aces

Triton Poker Series have drawn to a necessary end. Most of us have followed the event either from a distance or enjoying the high-skilled plays and timely reports the event organizers kept posting for us. As it turns out, Mikita Badziakouski have managed to clinch the big title at the tournament, earning $5.2 million in the process. Not bad we should say.

Mikita Badziakouski Outlasts the Competition

Mikita Badziakouski’s climb to victory was not a random occurrence. During Day 2 of the Triton Poker Series Main Event in Jeju, South Korea, he had to fight his way through a number of like-minded and equally-skilled opponents. It wasn’t easy, but he had the lead.

At the time he was ahead of his fellow poker players, sporting solid 3,065,000 chips, trailed by the likes of Sergio Aido with 3,000,000 and Jason Koon with 2,5000,000. Of course, there were more competitors spoiling for a fight and coveting the title. Their names included those of Richard Yong with 2,415,000 chips and Sam Greenwood with 1,715,000.

The rear was modestly brought by Chan Wai Leong with 1,055,000. Greenwood had a few lucky turn of events at the very beginning of the final table, claiming quick chips from Aido and Badziakouski, but luck was not on his side in the long term.

The Finals Rage On

The final stages of the last day were closing in quick. Badziakouski had a short unpleasant spell. However, he quickly rallied against Chan and managed to retake the chip lead, even though it looked like the ground underneath his feet was slipping away.

Meanwhile, Koon was on his way out of the race, but he hardly knew it. When the cards dropped, he saw that he had been defeated, but the player didn’t mind much – he had just won $1,080,000 for his fifth place in the overall standing.

Koon did make a few grumbling comments throughout the race, but they had nothing to do with his fellow players. Well, almost. Koon was overheard complaining about the fact that the hosts had allowed smoking and drinking at the tables.

He remonstrated that the fact he’s playing a multi-million game should at least merit people not blowing smoke in his face. Whether Koon is right or wrong doesn’t matter. What matters instead is the plain fact that if a player isn’t satisfied with the conditions, and they are indeed as easy to overcome as prohibiting smoking, then the hosts could have done a slightly better job.

Badziakouski in the Spotlight

And so, it came to the time of the crunch. Badziakouski managed to clear his path to victory, managing to add $5.2 million to his earnings this year and over $10 million in 2018 alone, making him one of the richest players out there in terms of gross earnings from poker.

Chan Wai Leong finished second, clinching the modest $3,251,376, which will certainly keep him happy if anything. Third place went to Richard Yong with 2,130,212, and we had Sam Greenwood – the once primed favorite walk away with $1,471,528.


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