Ayr United FC is Offering Bitcoin Cash

Ayr United FC is ready for their upcoming games, and their manager insists they are not going to be phased by a double header that they must play. But, the double header is not the biggest news. The Ayr United FC store has even larger news.

The store is offering tee-shirts with bitcoin, BCH, on it to help promote the new plan. The shirts are being given away.

Ayr United shirts are gaining media attention from Brazil, the US, China, and everything in between. The new shirt is sponsored by BCH, the cryptocurrency. BCH is approaching the one year anniversary for the Bitcoin return to roots. The return to roots is about making it transparent, accessible, and getting rid of the riff-raff that was plaguing it.

Ayr United decided to promote the Scottish Championship, as well as the new strip. With BCH available through the club’s online shop they are moving in a way that no other FC club is going. Ayr is confident that they will be able to increase sales, slash transaction fees, and be able to help bitcoin. The average cost of BCH transactions for the merchant is $0.02, which is definitely less than taking credit cards.

For a merchant, BCH is a lovely payment solution. CoinGeek is one of the biggest promoters of BCH and they have plenty of help to offer for those who may not understand, from a merchant perspective, what it can do for one’s shop.

Graeme Miller, the Commercial Director for Ayr stated that the club and Graeme are both new to Bitcoin Cash, but there is definitely a huge following that makes Graeme believe it is the way of the future. The club is proud to offer a new payment option.

Getting Bitcoin to the Masses

The one thing missing for Bitcoin is mass adoption by the main public. Until that happens, it is not going to get the recognition as a worldwide coin.

Bitcoin has yet to reach the public as a viable source. Many people are still concerned about how it works and why it is considered the coin of the future. There is a lot about the blockchain concept that is not easy to accept. However, several prominent celebrities and companies are jumping on board. It is likely to be pushed forward as a type of currency in the future and eventually we are likely to see “cryptocurrency” credits as cash.

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