Authentic Gaming Adding Optibet in Latvia and Estonia

Casinos around the globe stand to benefit as supplier and developer Authentic Gaming is preparing to bring its products to new markets. The services are immediately expanding in Estonia and Latvia, which is a first.

Authentic Gaming Now Available in Latvian, Estonia

Authentic Gaming has been able to bring some of the most credible live casino solutions we have seen. Authentic announced that it is dipping a toe in two exciting markets for the company and expanding on its present reach by adding operations in Estonia and Latvia.

While treading carefully and not trying to jump the gun on this one, Authentic Gaming has signed a deal with the region’s established leader Optibet, which operates in both neighbouring countries. As a result, Authentic Gaming will provide Optibet’s facilities with access to the live roulette, which is one of the most-appreciated live gaming segments.

However, Authentic Gaming is really revving up the authenticity of the gameplay by allowing players to tune in the live settings and play alongside with land-based customers from around the world.

This has been one of the major selling points of the company, which has been expanding its reach methodically in the past months. Some of its expansion activities have been even a tad precarious.

The company delivered new systems to LeoVegas and Eurobet in Italy at a time when the country is planning a blanket ban on all gambling advertisement, which, let’s face it – is a less than auspicious moment to be expanding here.

However, this hasn’t curbed Authenticity’s determination to win big clients and add them to its portfolio.

Not Realistic – It’s Real

In August, Authentic Gaming had yet another reason to be content with its overall business strategy. The company received the go-ahead to push through with plans of expanding in the United Kingdom, which despite the headwinds, still remains one of the best-balanced markets out there.

The approval to cater to properties in the UK is a big plus for the company, which has tied partnerships with Mr Green and all of Kindred Group’s subsidiaries as well as Unibet. The recognition that Authentic Gaming has received by its clients its indicatory enough of its long-term commitment to maintaining the utmost standards of integrity.

Beyond the August success of the company, there was another big deal for Authentic just at the beginning of October, which saw it tie up a partnership with Nissi Online Casino, and breaking the product to yet another audience.

In September, the company managed to sign up another partnership with Royal Casino, a Denmark land-based property, which had been looking to break into the online segment and mix crowds of online customers and regular visitors.

With the string of successes, Authentic Gaming is definitely a recognizable name on the landscape, this signals a shift in consumer preferences. It’s not enough to just have a real-like experience, and as the company’s catch phrase says, realistic will not do.

Consumers are increasingly looking for Authentic gameplay, which often means mingling with real casino customers while staying in the comfort of their own homes. The addition of brands such as Kindred, LeoVegas and now Optibet is a firm evidence to that.

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