Australia’s Shifting Toward eSports

Australia’s Shifting Toward eSports

eSports is a growing industry. New games are rising in popularity, such as Fortnite and new arenas are being built around the world to make certain fans can watch the matches. Luxor eSports arena is just one of the newest locations in Las Vegas catering to the eSports industry.

News from Australia is showing that eSports are on the rise. The Intel Extreme Masters game will start May 4 and end May 6. Two teams have just received a surprise invitation to IEM Sydney. The IEM will have sixteen international teams battling for three days to win money.

The Intel Extreme Masters is held at Sydney Olympic Park. The prize money is AUD 310k. Players will be battling by playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The arena is set up for giant screens to display the action, while gamers are done on the floor at their electronic devices.

Australian eSports Industry

According to the statistics, Australian eSports fans have doubled in size over the last forty-eight months. The majority of fans are between 18 and 34, at least 66 percent and mostly male.

The demographic is representative of what the sports industry is typically like. Australian fans are showing that their desire for sports is adapting to the eSports industry, with more women gamers starting to go professional.

Fewer people are also attending the traditional sports games than they were ten years ago. Media and sporting agencies are watching the switch and getting in on eSports.

In 1972, eSports started. It was a Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Laboratory concept at the time, with the Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics. In forty-six years things have changed significantly. Now there are less monochrome spaceships and space mines and more stellar graphics. Already the industry is earning several billion dollars, and soon to be around $1.4 billion if analysts are correct.

Year-on-year the eSports industry continues to grow, with more than 38% growth per year. The audience is also changing from video gaming enthusiasts to more mainstream players. Multiplayer gaming and video streaming are also helping eSports gain popularity. Plenty of players are creating videos to stream on Twitch and YouTube.

ESPN and Disney are already broadcasting eSports like it is a legitimate sport. It may not require physical labor such as soccer, but eSports requires the brain to exercise. The hands also need to be dexterous to make the people move as one wishes without ending up dead. It does take skill.


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