Astralis Secures Sponsorship with Kindred’s Unibet

The world’s leading CS:GO esports team, Astralis, has signed a sponsorship deal with Unibet, an iGaming and betting company.

Astralis Continues to Build Partnerships

Danish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Astralis has known one success after another. After topping a series of competitions worldwide, emerging first, the team has been working diligently to secure additional funding and field new competitors in fresh titles, such as League of Legends.

Now, the company has signed up with Unibet, a betting platform, for a period of two years. The deal will have Unibet launching fresh initiatives and also direct investment in Astralis’ way. The partnership is quite substantial, too, worth at least a few millions, although no specific amount has been revealed.

Most recently, Astralis’ parent company, RFRSH Entertainment, managed to acquire $10 million in fresh capital from the Danish Growth Fund Sunstone, and Creandum, bolstering the team’s financial prospect and providing the money needed to pay off upcoming expenditures, such as fielding a League of Legends European Championship (LEC) team in Riot Games’ popular namesake game.

Astralis now demonstrates an impressive number of sponsorships that are quite diverse in the nature of what they do. From Turtle Beach to Jack and Jones, to NOCCO, to whole gaming media.

According to Kindred Group COO Rhodri Darch “, esports has grown into a billion-dollar business with a fan-base across all corners of the world. Astralis is the star of the CS:GO world, and we are very excited to join forces with the world’s number one team.”

Astralis are known for their strategic play and superb teamwork, which are key characteristics shared with Kindred. By partnering with Astralis we hope to bring more excitement for both players and fans through dedicated content, but also help introduce esports to a wider audience. – Kindred Group COO Rhodri Darch

RFRSH’s Co-founder Jakob Lund Kristensen has also been quite satisfied with the developments, applauding the move and admitting that Unibet’s addition will help the team grow and expand in the years to follow.

By entering a long-term deal that will be clearly visible across all Unibet markets, we cement both Unibet and Astralis as major stakeholders in the global esports environment for the years to come. – Kristensen

Astralis has become the defining team in all esports competitions featuring CS:GO, demonstrating skill that has merited the cheers even of politicians, and the partnership between Kindred Group-owned Unibet and the team is no surprise.

Unibet’s partnership is not a standard one. In general, many esports leagues are trying to advise their teams to avoid signing up with parties that are seen as promoting betting & gambling. Most recently, Valve, the developers of Dota 2, issued a mild warning against teams who were signing up with betting companies.

Valve, for example, is against such partnerships, and having teams from another franchise (besides Dota) may prove a bit of a challenge to oversee. However, Astralis continue to uphold the highest standards of integrity so a formal case against them, or any competitive esports outfit, would be disruptive.

It’s true though that the betting industry and esports are courting each other and no clear framework is yet established.

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