Astralis’ RFRSH Raises €10.5m to Develop Esports Further

Astrali's team logo and CS:GO squad.

The parent company of team Astralis, RFRSH Entertainment, have just concluded a fresh capital round, adding €10.5 million to the organization’s coffers. Astralis is one of the world’s most grossing esports organization, according to a recent survey by Forbes.

RFRSH Raises €10.5m for Esports

Team Astralis’ parent company, RFRSH Entertainment, has managed to achieve an important milestone, adding €10.5 million to the organization’s war chest in a funding round led by Sunstone and Creandum and the Danish Growth Fund.

Astralis’ financial clout is quite marked in the world of esports, not only by dint of their competitive achievements, but also based on the overall worth of the team in purely financial teams. Astralis has managed to conclude a number of important partnerships in the recent past.

Most notably, they enjoyed a successful financial round that earned them €7.2 million with the help of Creandum and assisted by Supercell founders Mikko Kodisoja and Ilkka Paananen. From its very arrival, RFRSH has been claiming big sums. The first funding round for the company added €4 million.

The organization has also been hosting the BLAST Pro Series, an international competition that focuses on the popular first-person shooter (FPS) game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Astralis have been doing exceptionally across the CS:GO competitive world.

They are one of the rising stars of the community and the team has secured multiple partnerships and important competitive titles that have put them on the scene. Most recently, RFRSH announced that they will be expanding the Blast Pro Series and focusing on global competitions.

Astralis’ Future Plans

Astralis’ latest financial achievement was commented by RFRSH Entertainment CEO and Founder Nikolaj Nyholm who noted the potential for further expansion ahead of the team.

We see a significant potential in the development of live, digital, and Originals formats in esports appealing to a much wider audience than that of today.

Mr. Nyholm also spoke about the Blast Pro Series specifically, arguing that the event was one of the most interesting esports live tournament in the world.

We are creating the most interesting live tournament in esports and our ultimate ambition is to establish BLAST Pro Series as part of the mainstream scene of world-class competitive entertainment on level with NBA, UFC, football, movies and online entertainment in general.

Astralis are not staying active in CS:GO alone, however. The team has decided to field a League of Legends (LoL) team that will enter the EU LCS, which is a franchised league hosted by Riot Games in Europe.

Astralis has definitely been a known name in the esports industry. The all-Danish outfit are stars at home and command thousands of fans abroad. They have been able to secure one competitive title after another and RFRSH has been putting immense efforts to keep the investment flow streaming in.

In a word, Astralis have been doing quite well. While the team has not yet expanded in other segments, it remains the dominant force in its own field. Hopefully, Astralis will now manage to field a successful LoL squad and dominate the EU LCS as well.


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