Asian Poker Tour Has New Partnership

China decided it is necessary to have a Global Poker Index rankings and website system versus one that is just a global index of all websites. Also, Hong Kong Player’s Association is now partnering with Asian Poker tour for live streaming.

The index was part of Mediarex Sports Culture, and Sports Entertainment, but now there is a standalone poker index called the GPIC. It split from the GPI a few months ago. It happened right after the Chengdu Pandas went head to head with the Hong Kong Treasure Ships in the finale of the Global Poker League China.
The Pandas won.

The news report says the split was introduced when they gained feedback from players at the first event. Poker is growing in China. However, the authorities are still not happy to see people playing the game. There are worries about the effect it will have on the economy.

There is reason to be worried. Trump is one of the reasons China has gambling, with his casino businesses and let’s face it—he is not making new friends as a president of the US.

But, let’s leave politics to that other news realm and focus on the critical aspects of the move for the Global Poker Index China to exist. The new league covers Greater China, mainland, and Hong Kong. It also includes Taiwan and Macau.

Two Players Making Waves

As part of the news coming out of China, Quan Zhou was named the GPIC poker player of the year for 2017. Yang Zhang has currently taken on the stance as End Boss, which may show that he is going to overtake the title Zhou holds. Zhou is also banking high scores, with three six-figure scores in 2017. Not only did he get player of the year, but he won the PokerStars Championship Macau High Roller Event. The winnings from that was $469,000. Zhou finished fifth and ninth in Barcelona for the high roller events during the same festival.

Zhou is showing that it is possible to gamble wisely and earn. Zhang has also had a stellar year with a runner-up prize of $3k in a PokerStars Caribbean Adventure side event, as well as getting $88,320 for the main event. He also obtained $83,000 for a Wynn Las Vegas tournament, and another $3k for the side event.

Both will most likely appear for the Asian Poker Tour and go head to head. It will be a live streaming show.

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