Arsenal Lose 0-2 to Manchester City in EPL

Arsenal's team in a huddle

If you have been following football you would know that the odds of Manchester City obliterating Arsenal are pretty much astronomical. Not because Arsenal are the toughest lot around, but rather because a team of their calibre would hardly ever concede a defeat with two-point advantage to their opponents.

Not in the English Premier League, not at the level they play. And yet, Manchester City have outdone their opponents in pure, authentic football derby. They have fared well against various odds and delivered an ultimately inspiring performance. Playing at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday, the two teams came head to head, putting their soccer mettle on the table.

But only one walked away less red in the face. Manchester City’s drubbing of Arsenal has been quite telling of the continuous problems the team has experienced. And it’s indeed a strange thing that’s happening in football right now. Germany and Brazil seem to have been dethroned from their World Cup status champions.

Arsenal – Outgunned by Manchester

Manchester United have had a bugger of a pre-season and Chelsea, despite their outstanding 3-0 victory has had more internal strife in a long time.

It all seems to be going belly up and with this, there are the concerned voices of many observers who worry that things may be getting a bit out of hand. And yet, Manchester City manage to keep their cool. The victory has been most refreshing. Raheem Sterling had to overcome Arsenal’s superb goalie, Petr Cech.

Of course, the game wasn’t going well for Arsenal, but they were further bogged down when Ainsley Maitland-Niles got injured and had to retire from the game which added insult to an already grave injury.

Arsenal kept slipping all throughout the match, with Arsenal conceding another dispiriting point to Benjamin Mendy and Bernardo Silva who realised the second goal for Manchester City.

The Due Criticism

Arsenal is also pondering more acquisitions in a bid to secure itself a more prominent place and quickly find its place in the tournament. Of course, such shifts in the overall squad of the Gunners is not really recommendable, but if the team has spotted weak links, immediate patches will be necessary or they won’t make it very far into the competition.

Troubleshooting at the expense of millions of pounds is not the optimal way of settling things, especially when the season is raging on. Still, despite the rather convincing victory, Arsenal do believe they can get their feet back in the game.

A Glimmer of Hope

Manchester United and Arsenal both have to believe that they can recuperate from a rather disappointing play so far. The fact of the matter is that despite the current snafu, it’s all too likely to see these teams forge ahead as the unstoppable football machinery they are.

A temporary setback may prove the momentum that both squads need to reflect on their past games and come up with an even stronger version of themselves. It’s not unlikely to see the leaders lag behind, but who says they won’t catch up?


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