Arizona State Poker Championship Cancelled Because of Storm

The Arizona State Poker Championship has had to be cancelled much to the disgruntlement of the participants. We take a look at how Talking Stick Resort handled the situation and if there hadn’t been other ways to undo the damage.

What A Funny-Looking Sky

The monsoon-type storm didn’t exactly catch the hosts from the Talking Stick Resort unawares. They had been aware of the possible meteorological complications. With the event running from August 10 through August 14, all competitions had to be cancelled after the casino’s backup generator gave up.

Nothing but Day 1 had been completed by the time the dispiriting news come to light The event would have to be cancelled. Representatives from Talking Stick Resort hurried to explain that the steps were necessary because of the complications in the weather conditions.

They said to had followed the events in the past day or so, allowing them to conclude that the 2018 Arizona State Poker Championship will have to return on Tuesday for a final gig. With 90 entrants still in the race, not everyone will be able to make it to the event today.

In casino’s opinion, nothing’s changed bar the opportunity to enter in the events on the 13 and 14. Day 1 reduced the total number of players from 550 down to 90 in a fast-paced action, but the rumors of cancellation had everyone on edge.

Business Is Business


Talking Stick Resort offered players form the first day to divvy up the total pool of $530,000 between themselves and come back for the final pow-wow on Tuesday. Of course, not everyone took excitedly to the suggestion and some pushback followed. However, with the weekend and blue Monday behind us, it’ll become exactly how thin has the players’ patience become, judging by the turnup today.

But the temporary snag is not just bad for the participants. The event has suffered, too. With over 10 years of running competitions, the Arizona State Poker Championship is equal to tradition. Treating players and the pow-wow in such a fashion is quite unproductive.

With some record-high attendance both in 2016 and 2017, the current edition’s low turn-up can be chalked up to the dangerous weather conditions. Still, to add insult to injury, the way the event has been handled comes at the expense of players who may reconsider their future poker prospects, especially at a time when the game is quite literally – booming.

A Better Way to Handle a Contentious Situation

It would have been much better if the casino had offered to re-schedule or simply create short-burst formats for the contenders. Organizing the remaining 90 players into play would not have been too difficult, even if the power was out. Despite the technical challenges, players would have been able to carry on, some estimate.

Still, the hosts deemed any solution impossible and decided to simply cancel out the whole event. In their defense, the storm was indeed quite ominous, causing deluges across the state and affecting infrastructure badly. Mother nature seems to have been playing with cards up sleeve this time.

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