Aristocraft Eyes Eastern Expansion Following G2E

Flagship casino tech developer Aristocrat is one of the freshest tech companies to pique the interest of casinos from the world over. The company is now making a decisive push in Asia, hoping to add new territories and bring the US casino management system, Oasis 360, to the eager Asian gamers.

Aristocrat’s Bid on Asia

US-based Aristocrat is planning to expand its business prospects by fixating its gaze to the East. Or West, if it wants to take a shortcut across the Pacific. In any event, the Oasis 360 is coming to Asia, just after a freshly-inked 10-year agreement with Boyd Gaming.

As a result, before bidding the West adieu and heading out for Asia’s mysterious mainland, Oasis 360 will be linking 20,000 machines from 24 Boyd-owned properties in the United States alone.

Aristocrat will now want to see the scale of its operations grow to the point where it can bring its products readily to the Asian market. While not everyone is sure that Asia is quite ready to embrace the US-based software developer, Aristocrat’s Robson has reportedly said that they have already been contacted by potential customers who would be interested in purchasing the Oasis 360 system.

Obviously our typical slot product is performing really well in Asia, we’ve got strong market share and our customer engagement is very high, so we’re looking now to our broader global portfolio to see what else we can bring and cede into Asia to continue the growth that we’re on. – Aristocrat’s Sales & Business Development Director Asia Pacific, Lloyd Robson

Respected iGaming news outlet Asgam managed to catch a word with Lloyd Robson who expressed the growth prospects of the company in the area, not to mention Aristocrat’s determination to continue to expand in the market.

Aristocrat has the benefit of not having to deal with local legislation to the extent that actual casino businesses do. Even then, though, the developer may be faced with certain difficulty when it seeks partnerships with Asian clients.

The cold snap between the United States and China continues to intensify and while there have been no outright threats on the casino brands in Macau, China may clamp down on these properties without the need to explain much.

Yet, Aristocrat seeks to team up with local, Asian brands, which will give it a better staying power in the region. According to Robson, Aristocrat did a fair bit of networking during the G2E in Las Vegas on Thursday, with Asian clients asking openly for Aristocrat products.

Aristocrat has been building an extensive portfolio of products to market successfully among domestic and foreign prospect partners. The studio has been particularly strong in the slot segments where the game’s authentic story-telling and graphics have set the products apart from those of the competition.

An expansion to the East can only benefit Aristocrat’s business immensely. Asia is a fairly new market for iGaming activities and casino operations. While the region is trying to find their foot and choose where the majority stands on the industry, Aristocrat will try to be there if and when a boom occurs.

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