Aria Casino to Host Blockchain-Based Poker Tournament

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Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been changing virtually every industry out there. From shipping products to favorite pastimes, technology has been shaping a brave new world for everyone. And today, a newly-minted blockchain poker tournament is about to take place. The hosts at Aria casino in Las Vegas are just as excited as the participants. Here’s more on the subject.

Aria Hosts Blockchain Poker Tournament

The world of poker and blockchain are about to meet in an interesting way. The venue is the Aria casino in Las Vegas where the first World Crypto Conference will take place. The event will draw the top brass of the crypto world and a blockchain poker tournament will make the event unlike any other.

Slated for October 31 through November 2, the conference will elaborate on the future of blockchain technology and how it’s changing the world day in and day out. As to the tournament itself, it will be backed by making it possible for enthusiast, players, and fans to enjoy blockchain technology and live poker action.

And don’t think that this is some inconsequential event either. Even though no additional information has been released, Aria has said that some of the biggest stars of the poker world will attend the event.

With the interest in the event clearly drawing players from the mainstream and blockchain space, we may see noteworthy figures, such as Daniel Negreanu and Antonio Esfandiari, and why not the brat of poker himself – Phil Helmuth whose live winnings are quite staggering! Attend who may, the event will focus on demonstrating how closely intertwined gaming experiences and the blockchain technologies are, or at least – how close they can be.

Blockchain Across the Poke World

Even though this is a first tournament to highlight the use of blockchain in poker at such a scale, it’s hardly the first time the tech has been applied to the game. Many online poker rooms utilize smart contracts to simplify their day-to-day activities, including user safety and data management.

Of course, there are some bugbears to the adoption of blockchain en masse across poker communities. For starters, most poker rooms use Random Number Generators (RNG), which ensure the fairness of the game. However, with a blockchain technology, the underpinning software may in fact differ so greatly that auditors could potentially struggle with eliciting the relevant data they need to confirm the fairness of a portal based on the tech.

Some websites, such as Crypto Poker Club readily, reveal the tech they use to prop their portals even though it still makes it difficult for vetting companies to investigate. In the case of Crypto Poker Club, for example, the platform uses Photon-based RNG.

In any event, the conference will offer crypto investors and poker enthusiast a rare opportunity to meet and put the idea of bolstering poker with blockchain to the test. Of course, no statistically relevant data could be gleaned over one tournament, but the professionals who will attend may still shed some light on what the future of the game could look like should it adopt blockchain.

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