Apple Wrongly Removes Non-Gambling Apps

Apple has been stepping up its game against gambling apps. The purge has been swift and decisive. The fallout, on the other hand, has ruffled a few feathers in the process. After Apple’s decision to home in on illicit gambling apps on its store, the now-trillion worth company seems to have run into an unseemly blunder.

App developers have been going ballistic over the platform’s decision to remove their apps, even though they had nothing to do with gambling. The faux pas has affected a large swathe of the online market, including a GIF-sharing service and an Xbox video-sharing service.

Poland Strikes Back

One of the affected parties was iMagazine a digital trends publication based in Poland. The editor, Wojtek Peitrusiewicz jumped on Twitter to lambast the company for taking down their App even though it has been approved for re-upload following an update.

Similar fate befell other publications and innocuous services that had little to do with the activity Apple was reportedly trying to eradicate. Twitter became a hotbed for unruffled developers who were only too happy to vent off their disbelief that Apple could have so readily taken down their software.

More daringly, Apple had sent a message through to the devs, explaining that the said apps were facilitating gambling activities. It’s in fact interesting to find out what had occasioned the crackdown.

On the one hand, iMagazine’s name could have probably fooled an algorithm that it’s a publication that has to do with the iGaming industry, i.e. the developers of gambling products for online casinos and more. What has occasioned the larger take-down, though, is largely a mystery.

An Algorithm Gone Wrong

Apple haven’t been hurrying up to issue an apology, as they are still looking into the reasons. Still, the lack of communication has been infuriating for developers who had their apps going belly up for no good reason in their own account.

However, Apple has been facing some pressure to make sure that gambling-related messages are uprooted and the company may have sweepingly tossed out apps that have been promulgating or directing to gambling services or facilitating such trade.

Still, the decision has been bad for business one way or another.

Apple and Gambling

The App Store is not entirely against gambling activities. As a matter of fact, gambling is not the black sheep of the company either. The popular payment solution Apple Pay is used by 888, one of the biggest bookies in the United Kingdom for example.

With this in mind, Apple is still trying to comply with local regulations in order to avoid getting into hot waters. After the company had to answer as to why and how it pays taxes in Europe, the trillion-dollar-worth iPhone maker is more than keen to stay out of any legal entanglements.

Not least of all, local stringent gambling laws are also making everyone to be on edge, leading to the said rather drastic matters that end up wronging entrepreneurs or people who have allocated time to develop their own products.

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