Apax Partners Snaps Up Genius Sports

London-based Apax Partners have decided to expand in the field of sports data and tech. The company has focused on Genius Sports, which specializes in analyzing statistics and arriving at conclusions that can help investors draw successful plans for the future. Even though not all has been disclosed as per the official statement, we have been able to put together a list with the known facts.

A Global Leader Ties Up a Partnership in Sports Data

Apax Partners has been advised by multiple minority shareholders and investment fund Three Hills Capital Partners (THCP) to push ahead with a deal for sports data company Genius Sports. While most of the details surrounding the deal are kept in relevant secrecy, the bargain itself is slated to be concluded at some point in the third quarter of 2018.

The investment is a clear indication on the part of Apax Partners that the conglomerate wants to pursue further monetary opportunities in the sports segment. Genius Sports is a great choice as the company serves over 300 sporting bodies worldwide, the official Press Release reads.

Some of the most noteworthy assets of Genius Sports are its partnerships with Major League Baseball (LB) as well as the English Premier League and PGA Tour, a golf competition. No shake-ups are expected in the company either, with the management team still operating at the helm of the company.

Another focus of the current operations will be the de-regulated sports betting market in the United States, which will create new opportunities for brands, sporting bodies, and most of all – bookies, to bank on the liberalization of the market.

Genius Sports Poised for Growth

In the words of Genius Sports CEO, Mark Locke, the company’s successful reputation for “integrity, intelligence, and innovation” all shape the picture of a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Mr Locke has spoken of dynamic growth as a new page in the company’s history and a chapter that has been set off by the deal with Apax. Apax has also focused on Genius Sports for quite the evident reasons, including what the company described as “industry-leading technology,” and “breadth of its offering.”

The capital that comes with the Apax deal will make sure that Genius Sports have enough in their war chests to roll out on an even greater scale and re-focus their efforts on the opening up of the gambling segment in the United States.

Apax’s Charm Offensive

Apax’s investment in the sports sector has been no secret. According to Gabriele Cipparrone, Partner at Apax Partners, the company has long been interested in the segment, but needed the underpinning technology to make sure that sustainable growth can be achieved over time completely organically.

Utilzing the know-how of an established leader as Genius Sports is just an excellent way to do that precisely. Of course, separate investment streams can also be added to the overall offer out there, but the chief driver of expansion will be the expertise that the newly-added company in the face of Genius Sports will bring to the table.

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