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Fortnite has been quite the title. With whopping revenues, the game has definitely turned a few heads. However, it’s claim that it will be an esports next-generation thing has fallen utterly short of its mark. True, there have been quite a few tournaments, but no competitive format has emerged and none looks poised to do so. And yet, all major teams have an esports teams. What does this mean?

The Sunday Esports – Round Up

Welcome to our Sunday esports Round Up. Today we talk Fortnite. Remember the game that was inspired by its now nemesis PUBG? Well, Fortnite has been through quite a bit! After coining one of the most successful free to play models, the game has been adding day after day to its revenue and player base.

A mystic cube in Fortnite.

A Fortnite character observing a mystic purple cube.

And yet, people have been growing impatient with Fortnite’s inability to get esports write. Not to mention that they have decided to disable the purple cubes again! Well, Epic Games – well done! You haven’t been quite on point with your esports promises. So why then are all major house names in the world of esports signing up the top crop of Fortnite talent?

And yet, what’s the current round-up all for? Only one Fortnite World Cup event has been confirmed so far, and nobody is entirely convinced that more will follow. The most likely explanation is that Epic Games are quite likely trying to find their own feet in this mess. And yet, $100 million is a lot of money to be simply shrugged off based on little more than a momentary irritation.

The Oncoming Storm of Esports Fortnite Teams

The rosters have started appearing and now nearly every major name in the esports realm has a selection of players to field under their own banner. From North America to Asia, we have a selection of gamers who know how to dominate a field of 60-odd contesters and bring them to their knees.

100 Thieves have been making a steady push back into competitive video gaming and Fortnite has been a top priority on their list. And how couldn’t it be when the majority of gamers there all come from a first-person shooter esports background.

Cloud9 has fielded two teams, as is the wont of the organization, with Cloud White and Cloud Blue picking a number of talented players. The long-time Call of Duty veterans, eUnited, have decided to bring their own four players to the fore and have stuck with their roster.

In a word, the world has been agog with the news that Fortnite is becoming a competitive title. All preparations have been made so the question remains – where are Epic Games? Raking in revenue and creating what appears to be the most successful game of the millennium so far doesn’t mean you should make promises and fail to deliver on them.

Pardon our reprimands if we are wrong, but as avid Redditters ourselves, we have seen quite a handful of our fellow gamers ticked. So, Epic Games, when is competitive Fortnite going to hit in full?

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