AGA Warns not to Change Sports Regulatory Framework

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has been the source of much useful facts and comprehensive data analyses pertaining to the industry. The body has done a sterling job of anticipating water-shed events and helping business and lawmakers meet landmark changes with due prescience. Now, AGA is contesting a freshly-proposed sports betting regulatory framework. Not so much contesting, though, as advising.

AGA’s Latest Recommendations on Sports Betting

AGA has responded to a proposed federal framework, which is intended to introduce changes to how sports are regulated. However, the Association has argued that the hassle is unnecessary as there has already been an established and working mechanism for the segment to be regulated, one that enjoys endorsement from lawmaker and citizen in equal measure.

It was the idea of U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to come up with a new set of nationwide rules, which would help the United States to establish common criteria for regulating the activity. However, it’s been only a few months after the repeal of PASPA and the innovation and business that has been brought in following the defeat of the federal legislation seems to has successfully rubbed off on everyone involved.

As AGA pointed out in a letter to Mr. Schumer, any further regulation at this point was completely unnecessary for the health and vibrancy of the industry. Au contraire, complicating matters unnecessarily could spell a number of unexpected events that couldn’t be controlled.

AGA Complies with the Law

Meanwhile, AGA took a legal stance as well and the Senior Vice President for Public Affairs stated that the Association had long been fighting for the abolishment of restrictive rules and hefty regulations that have been making it impossible for sports betting to operate smoothly.

Not only had the repeal of PASPA been successful, AGA argued, but did it also bring the promise for new jobs in the U.S. economy. As things have been running, sports betting has been winning friends left and right. The National Basketball Association (NBA) has recently coined a major partnership with MGM Resorts International. Meanwhile, NFL franchise the Dallas Cowboys have decided to strengthen their ties with another known player in the world of iGaming and physical betting shops, WinStar World Casino.

There are many indicators that sports betting is good for business and the economy just the way it is right now. They begin with a report by Nielsen Sports, an intelligence firm, which has furnished statistically-relevant proof that sports betting is indeed benefiting the economy as a whole.

Chin-Wagging or What Politicians Don’t Always Do

Of course, Schumer’s plan is ambitious and rightly so. On the face of it, it all works – a Pan-American (in the sense of the United States) legislation will indeed have a great plausible effect on the industry. At least in theory – no backstabbing practices, and so on.

However, the sports betting industry is in a good place and it seems to be headed to an even better place. Why then upset the established order when things have been going well? Should we repeat the mistakes of Mr. Kyl right now?

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