Activists Unhappy in Sikkim over Illegal Betting

The Netherlands is worried about gambling breaches with the World Cup coming. A police raid in another part of Europe lead to the death of someone associated with illegal gambling. Some “thugs” in the UK are not going to get entry into Russia.

All of this is happening before the world cup, which is about to start. In India, where gambling is seen as nothing more than games of chance, one activist might be taking things a bit too far.

India and Illegal Betting

In India, an anti-gambling activist seems to have gone too far in the pursuit to stop betting operations in Sikkim. Sikkim is a Himalayan state. According to the report, Noel Sharma, hurled and kicked at Golden Gaming Company. Golden Gaming is running a FIFA World Cup 2018 wagering operation. The operation is in a public marketplace.

Many people, including children witnessed Sharma unleashing his force and vandalizing the Golden Gaming stall. The stall was supposed to be luring customers to gamble playing dart games, but it was allegedly darts to name the country the person thought would win the World Cup.

The report states the company was making $14.80 coupons for those who visit the betting venues. Sharma was the one who made the statement about the World Cup and the vouchers.

Gangtok Municipal Corporation is the overseer for gambling in the area. They state Golden Gaming does not have a permit to run sports betting in the market place, only a permit to promote the World Cup.

Sharma confronted the people coming from the stall, including the people running it about the permit, then took up a rage when he didn’t get the answers he wanted. Golden Gaming has filed a vandalism lawsuit against Sharma for his conduct.

They also filed against Pushkar Pandey who was supposedly helping Sharma. The Sadar Police did act quickly to stop the two and arrest them for creating a stir in the market place. Sharma and Pandey are on a hunger strike to protect gambling and online betting in Sikkim. Sharma believes Sikkim is overly burdened with social issues like gambling and gambling addiction.

There are only two days until the world cup will start. Around the globe gaming regulators are trying to maintain order and prevent illegal sports betting. Several syndicates have been busted that were found to run online and mobile wagering sites in countries where it is illegal.

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