888Poker’s Crazy Eights WSOP History

WSOP updates show the events are already up to 62. 888Poker has an event called Crazy Eights that has a long history as a tournament. $888 Crazy Eights is a huge event on the World Series of Poker. The tournament already gained 800 players before mid-morning. The event is hosted by 888Poker and offers $888,888 for a top prize. There are three starting flights that begin Saturday and go through Sunday. These flights are unlimited entry.

It is important for players to be able to gain entry back into a contest if they wish to win and lose their chips in the first few rounds.

Saturday Hardek Vyas, who is a Cincinnati, Ohio resident, played his first WSOP event. He wanted to take part in the Crazy Eights tournament because it is a wonderful experience. The tournament offers a good value for what one pays to enter and the payouts for winners is great. For an amateur player, the $888 Crazy Eights game is a good step into the World Series of Poker. Vyas’s during the interview admitted he was going to stay positive and patient, even if the first flight did not go as he wished.

At the time of the interview, he had lost 50 percent of his stack, but he also hopes for his cards to start coming better.

The Crazy Eights tournament has been in place since 2016. It continues to grow in popularity and is one of the liveliest events during the World Series of Poker. Players come from all over the world to try to gain the title, as well as to get some cash out of 888Poker.

The event is held in Las Vegas. For those who want more on 888Poker, the company is one of the major online locations, who also has some well-known ambassadors. Martin Jacobson is an ambassador for 888Poker.

888Poker decided to hold the Crazy Eights tournament after Lucky Sevens put out a World Series of Poker event called $777, in which the buy-in was $777 and the first place win was $777,777. This tournament was held in 2015. 888Poker upped the ante and gained more prestige with their event.

The event is also part of the Road to Vegas Promotion, where players can compete to get a $2,700 package for the event.

WSOP Updates on Players

John Hesp is taking part in the Las Vegas tournaments. Last time he managed to come home with decent money.

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