888 Poker’s XL Inferno Series

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The World Series of Poker is what the non-avid gambler might understand. Names like Phil Ivey are known to most people, even if they are not entirely certain why. But, when it comes to online series, unless you play online or are more than an infrequent gambler, it is more difficult to know about all the different tournaments.

You might not know about the Triton Super High Roller tournament, which was won by Jason Koon, but more people are starting to take notice of the huge wins. They are also looking at how to buy-in to tournaments like the XL Inferno Series available through 888 Poker.

The reason more people are starting to learn about tournaments and wishing to join is the poker ambassador role, such as Martin Jacobs’ career choice. Many pros are making a name for themselves and getting on social media.

But let’s find out what is happening this weekend, with the latest tournament.

Ninth Day of XL Inferno

The XL Inferno Series has nine days of events, with three new tournaments for players to enjoy, such as the $25,000 Knockout. It is the highlight of a $35 mini edition buy-in and $75 late buy-in option. The prize pool is $35k, with 249 players. The biggest winner gained a little more than $475, which is what most of the top 36 players increased their participation in the event.

Eduardo Gallo was in tenth place, meaning he made it to the final table before busting. Profit76 had to leave in ninth place, with Bienemajo taking eighth. Kaktus26rus took seventh, and Alexos888 went out in sixth. When it comes to the wins for the top ten, their numbers were a little higher than $475, such as earning $287 for getting tenth place plus the $475. Billycadu14 ended in fifth with a little over $1700.

When four players were left at the table, it came down to Omgpatbrooks, HateH4tehate, onyvapapaa1, and PokerJoe 332 to try and get to the winning spot. Omgpatbrooks from the United Kingdom was able to take home a bit over $5,000 for winning first place.

On the same day was the mini knockout, which had $15,000 guaranteed prize pool. The winner for this tournament was Crapmachine from Latvia, who took home a bit more than $2,600.

The XL Championship event had 34 entrants, with various prizes, including $12,600 for the WSOP Vegas Main Event Package. It went to the first place finisher.

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