5Dimes’ Sean Creighton Is Possibly Kidnapped

Sports bookmaker 5Dimes owner has been gone for 19 days, and local police in Costa Rica has been alerted to a potential kidnapping. William Sean Creighton disappeared at the end of September and hasn’t been heard from since.

Gone for 19 Days – 5Dimes Owner Still Missing

William Sean Creighton has been missing for 19 days so far, news has broken out. The owner of one of the world’s largest bookmakers, to name 5Dimes has been presumably kidnapped. In the very least that is one of the possible scenarios worked on by the Costa Rica’s Judiciary Investigative Police (OIJ).

Creighton was reported missing on September 25, after he didn’t come home the night before. According to OIJ chief Walter Espinoza has said that the police has not been in touch with anyone who might have kidnapped Mr. Creighton. However, he didn’t rule out the kidnapping opportunity entirely either.

In the events leading to Mr. Creighton’s disappearnce, the police established that he was forced off the road by four gunmen. Later that evening Mrs. Creighton was called in by the alleged kidnappers who had requested $750,000 for Creighton’s release, though this information was not volunteered readily.

The plot has thickened as rumors continued to swirl that Mrs. Creighton actually used virtual currency to pay the captors, but after successful release of the funds, her husband was never heard from again.

According to sources, private former FBI agents have been hired to help the Creighton family in investigating his disappearance. The alleged kidnappers have made no attempt to request another ransom or contact the police either.

5Dimes – A Clean Slate

5Dimes has been one of the most-recognizable names in the betting industry. The bookmaker has hardly had any brush with irate customers or law enforcement. Its operations have been available overseas in the United States, Europe, and even Russia.

Nothing suggests that Mr. Creighton may have been the victim of a livid customer who had lost a lot. 5Dimes is also mentioned in relation to one of the companies to offer excellent gambling activities.

Back in 2016, 5Dimes became target of investigation after the bookmaker was allegedly found out to be using Amazon Gift Cards to move around huge sums of undeclared cash.

While the investigation launched by the FBI definitely tarnishes the credibility of the operator, nothing in the personal life of Mr. Creighton has surfaced so far to prove that he was tangled in illicit activities.

5Dimes has been keeping a rather low profile when it comes to its activities. While the bookmaker has managed to scale its operations well and has been often cited as one of the flagship leaders to benefit from the opening up of new betting grounds across the United States where even media outlets have been reporting about 5Dimes’ predictions and odds.

While Mr. Creighton is probably still alive, his kidnappers may use him to extort more money from the worried family. It’s also possible for the crypto transfers to have been slowed down to the point where Mr. Creighton is kept as a guarantee that should something go wrong, they can request more money.

Nevertheless, the disappearance of Mr. Creighton remains a relative mystery despite the known facts. Will he ever come back?

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