Riot Adds ECC for Confrence Play

The East Coast Conference (ECC) will benefit from its popularity and introduce Riot’s popular sword-and-sorcery saga, League of Legends, to conference play. The organization will host its proper season in 2019 and 2020 the news came, confirmed by Riot Games. Riot has also hurried to inform fans that the Peach Belt Conference (PBC) is also planning to host more College League of Legends for the upcoming 2019, 2020, and 2021 seasons.

As a special token of appreciation, Riot will allow the two conferences enter the finalists of each championship into the League of Legends College Championship play-in. Teams will face off squads from other conferences.

Excitement Is in the Air

According to Dr Rober Dranoof, who serves as Commissioner for the ECC, the organization is rather excited to be strengthening its ties with the game and its developers. ECC is now looking towards completing their first season of League of Legends play next year and then hit off with the championship tournament.

A similar response came from PBC Commissioner David Brunk sharing his own two pence on the event. According to Mr Brunk, the first PBC event featuring League of Legends was a notable success. The continuing support of Riot has meant a lot for PBC, which is looking to throw more bridges between itself and Riot.

Riot has been arguably on the offensive when it comes to collegiate eSports. The reason for this is quite simple in fact. By one estimate, colleges are where future eSports pro are shaping up and it’s at this age that stars rise to salience, albeit one or two exceptions can be given an example.

Esports on the Curriculum

Riot’s flirtation with the college curriculum is far from the only attempt that people have been making to bring the pixelated carnage right to your classroom. Many classrooms have been adopting eSports, not only from the standpoint of gamers, though.

Significant inroads have been driven in all potential studies that may sprout out of eSports, including the social and psychological implications. And we don’t mean the righteous sort whereby eSports and video games are cited as the root of all evil.

In a superb piece for the 1843 Magazine, Economist contributor Simon Parkin ponders the dilemma whether video games can be a genuine sport. If you are eager to do some digging and examine the light in the so-called video games addiction, I wholeheartedly advise you to dig back into the features section of the website and look up the piece entitled “Escape to Another World.”

Its author, Ryan Avent, concluded with a heartfelt accuracy: “For Emily, and for many others, games were not the luxury luring her away from a career. They were a comfort blanket and distraction, providing some solace when the working world offered only bitter disappointment.”

Even though Riot is looking to encourage involvement with their game, they do so out of the conviction that a career of an eSports professional is a viable option, which they want to support for reasons that go beyond PR.

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