PokerStars MicroMillions Overshadows WSOP

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PokerStars has decided to up the ante for rookies and has announced the richest to date low-stakes tournament in poker. The event will return as MicroMillions and it will be taking place from 16th to 30th July. With some $21 million already earmarked in prize money for 121 pow-wows, the event definitely has the financial clout to make a difference in the lives of all players playing on a budget and demonstrating exceptional poker prowess.

The MicroMillions Event is Upon Us

Fancy a bit of high-paced action with millions of dollars at stake? Now is your chance to join the upcoming MicroMillions tournament hosted by PokerStars and running since 2012. The event has earned quite the reputation for itself as one of the most prestigious meet-ups in the world of online poker.

Tournaments are tailored for every wallet. You may enter with as little as $0.11, which will give you afford you the opportunity to explore some competitive poker without having to shoulder the financial burden yourself.

You may argue that this is an event for the masses. It may be so, but last year’s edition managed to add 85,000 people as active competitors who were quite happy to up the antes and pay quite the whopping amount, outpacing even the hallowed and venerable World Series of Poker (WSOP).

The Platinum Pass Beckons

One of the most noteworthy features of the championship is the Platinum Pass for the upcoming PokerStars Players Championship in January 2019. And if you mess up on the MicroMillions and fail to win your own pass, there’s nothing to worry about. You can opt for a number of events in July and August that will offer you an opportunity to gain an entry in next year’s competition.

You will be able to participate in an event every Saturday of each month as long as you have played in selected daily tournaments or the Sunday specials. You may also come from a PokerStars Live & direct qualifier looking for an entry in the championship itself.

PokerStars and the Unflagging Interest

You may pick from a variety of events at PokerStars. The Spin & Go promotions are actually running around the clock and you can easily rake in $1 million in free bets until July 23rd.

The website has elaborated an intricate network of generous events that will keep you going. Of course, while the MicroMillions event is afoot, you won’t honestly need to be on the lookout for additional perks from PokerStars, but it helps to know they are there.

The Benefits of Playing on a Budget

Many good players start off by establishing themselves based on how good they are. It’s the first test they need to undergo themselves to see if they have a future in poker or if they have to go back to the drawing board and learn more.

Playing on a budget or through satellite tournaments will quickly help aspiring pros to garner a better understanding of the competitive landscape.

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