2019 CWL Promises a Lot of Exciting Changes

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 soldier squatting in the dark.

The new Call of Duty has been one of the most-talked about games when it comes to competitive play. Quite a few changes have been introduced. From tinkering with the competitive format to fine-tuning the actual in-game mechanics. There is indeed a lot to take in at first, but we have whipped up a neat round-up to help you find you feet! Here come the latest changes that have been introduced to the Call of Duty World League (CWL) 2019 Season

Black Ops 4 – Unlike Any Previous Game in the Franchise

Simply put, there is just so much to take in at first. The 2019 Call of Duty World League (CWL) Season promises to be big. It’s certainly one of the most touted and revelled-in titles in living memory. A shooter with age-old tradition, CoD’s latest iteration – Black Ops 4 promises to be a big name in the competitive world of video games.

The commitment of the developers from Treyarch suggests the same thing. Reportedly, teams that have signed for Activision/Blizzard’s other mainstream title, Overwatch, are in talks with the company to let them have a franchised participation in the CWL.

Treyarch's changes to CWL
Treyarch and the proposed changes to the 2019 CWL Season.

There have been a lot of changes in the current version of the game, some subtle, others quite revolutionary in their own right. The first and most important adjustment that has been made to the game is that the format has been changed to feature a new combatant on each squad, changing the standard 4 vs. 4 to 5vs. 5.

This kind of change has not been necessarily met well among the community, but it’s partially offset by the fact that Treyarch are not completely overbearing when it comes to the implications of toying around with a proven formula.

Change Me Up for the Better

Having a 5 vs. 5 in action will definitely create a more traditional FPS experience, albeit some people fear that it may bite into the pace of the game. Even then, a fresh tactical element will emerge. But the underlying problem is that some organizations may struggle to find sufficient players to back their rosters, which could lead to whole teams disbanding. Amateurs would be finding it difficult to prove themselves in the highly-competitive field.

One remonstration came from Evil Geniuses Patrick “ARCHES” Price who has definitely not been happy with the suggested changes. Treyarch, though, has since then revealed quite a bit of details. And let’s face it- Treyarch really did dote on its player base and customers by offering a mild extension to the beta last weekend and also supplementing that with quick patches and promises to fix existing issues.

However, among the criticism, there have been plenty of reasons to be happy about the future of the game. First, the CWL may copy the successful model of Overwatch which means that before long we will be enjoying quite the developed esports. Secondly, the CWL season will come with $6 million in cash prizes and to top it all off, a dedicated amateur league will be created as well! All of this buzz and excitement has been beneficial for Activision, too, who saw their stock go up.

Overall, the CWL and the next CoD title will be a big hit among community members and there’s no shame in that.


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