100 Thieves Welcomes Drake and Braun as Co-owners

Esports powerhouse and lifestyle & apparel company 100Thieves have released a press statement announcing that rapper Drake and SB Projects founder Scooter Braun have officially joined as co-owners in the team. This is big news by any estimate, seeing entertainment moguls make a determined push in the esports scene.

100Thieves Worth Its Money with Drake and Braun

In a recently published list rounding up the world’s most valuable esports companies compiled by Forbes last night, October 23, 100 Thieves is listed as a company worth $90 million and earning as much as $5 million every year.

The company’s business prospects are just about to take off in earnest, as rapper Drake and SB Projects founder Scooter Braun joined the company on October 23, as announced in a press release circulating on dedicated PR services and visible on the team’s website.

This is a big move for the company as it will receive all the attention that Bruan and Drake usually command. The man behind the team himself, Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, has been a noteworthy personality around esports for a long while now, starting out as a Call of Duty professional.

It’s been exciting to watch esports become a cultural phenomenon in 2018. I’ve spent my ten-yea career in esports growing the ecosystem and am proud to have Drake and Scooter join as my partners to help take 100 Thieves to new heights. Our top priority is to win World Championships, but our ambitions go far beyond competitive gaming, said Haag.

Outlining a future beyond esports seems as an appropriate move on the part of Haag as his team’s line of clothes has been selling and has accounted for a substantial percentage of the company’s revenue. Not least of all, Haag himself doesn’t miss an opportunity to advertise the brand’s apparel every chance he gets.

Esports Bling with Drake

With up to $25 million to date from investors, 100 Thieves is growing steadily. Drake and Braun’s decision to join as co-owners is a water-shed moment for the organization as they bring popularity and awareness that the company needs to advertise its products successfully to larger crowds and sell them accordingly.

Drake is not unknown to gamers both for his music productions, but also for partnering up with Tylor ‘Blevins’ Ninja during a Twitch stream in the popular video game Fortnite, which broke the viewership records for the most viewers at the same time.

Drake even considered including lyrics about Fortnite in an upcoming song should Fortnite’s developers, Epic Games, agree to put a ‘Hotline Bling’ emoticon in the game. It was a gamble Drake lost.

Back to 100 Thieves, the biggest news for the organization is that Braun and Drake are joining as outright co-owners instead of investing and awaiting windfall. The publicity of the deal will most likely give a significant boost to how 100 Thieves distributes and sells its apparel, which is one of its most notable revenue sources.

The company has just restored its Call of Duty roster, planning to go back to competitive CoD in Black Ops 4, which is where Haag began several years ago. 100 Thieves has positioned itself as an esports organization that doesn’t only pursue glory within games, but successfully develops vibrant business networks pivoting around the industry.

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