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What Are Sweepstakes Casinos?

Sweepstakes is a popular online gaming model where players buy sweeps coins for real money or gold coins for fun and use them to play at a special online casino known as sweepstakes. While this is mostly a social experience, there is the added benefit that, once you are happy with your winnings, you can redeem the sweeps coins back for real money. 

Presently, sweepstakes casinos are legal in 49 states in the USA and Canada, giving them a breadth of operation and popularity that few rivals can legally match.

For all intents and purposes, sweepstakes casinos are similar to social casinos, with the sole difference that they are closer to a fully-fledged gambling product, at least in theory. Overall, sweepstakes casinos are fun and entertaining digital venues where you can mix social and real money gaming experiences.

How Do Sweepstakes Casinos Work? 

Sweepstakes casinos are designed to reflect on a more social casino experience, although there is a real exchange of money if you choose to. You need to purchase the virtual currencies to be able to play at most sweepstakes casinos, although many extend bonuses and welcome packages that will allocate some sweepstakes coins or gold for free.

Sweeps casinos use two distinct types of currency. One is known as sweepstakes cash or coins, and these are the ones you need to purchase to play real money slots and table games, or even poker. 

The other type of currency is gold coins, which hold no monetary value but are a currency that you will use to participate in the more social aspect of the experience. Players are welcome to purchase either, so long as they are happy with the products they can use the currencies on. 

The rate of exchange is usually $1 for every sweep, coin, or cash you can purchase. Gold is also a purchasable unit, but it usually comes in bundles by the thousands. However, gold will only limit you to recreational games where no actual money prizes can be cashed out. 

What’s the Difference Between Sweep Coins and Gold Coins? 

Alright, so there are two types of currencies, the sweepstakes cash – or coins – and the gold coins. This can easily get confusing for players who are really only interested in playing and do not attribute any additional value to the experience. To help you understand what you need, we will explain both separately. 

Sweepstakes Coins

Sweep coins are what you need if you want to add a pinch of excitement to your social casino experience and stand the chance of winning real money. Bragging rights are all very fine, but having the opportunity to claim actual cash prizes is equally satisfying. 

You can only purchase sweepstake coins from the casino, whether as part of a bundle or separately. The rate is usually $1 for a sweepstake coin, which equates them to a real FIAT currency, more or less.

This allows you to participate in various contests and traditional casino games that could lead to winnings of all sizes. You are free to keep your sweepstakes coins balance intact and continue playing but, if you choose to, you can similarly withdraw some of your money for real currency, too.

Just as is the case with regular casinos, though, you may be required to meet minimum withdrawable amount conditions before you can cash out your sweepstake coin winnings. 

You may access free sweepstakes coins if you join various contests that usually involve the use of social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, hence the name.

While real money is a driving factor for many players, all leading brands make sure to be present on social media and offer a lightsome bit of fun to those who look for it. This is where gold coins come in next.

Gold Coins

Gold coins are the social currency that leading sweepstakes casinos use to keep the social pecking order in check. You can claim gold coin bundles upon sign-up, as they are extended as a sort of promotional no deposit goodie by most platforms.

Gold is purchased for real money, but unlike sweepstakes coins, it holds no actual value. You can only use the gold on the platform to advance your social status and enjoy the awards that this brings along with it.

Similarly, you cannot trade gold coins for actual sweepstakes coins, so if you choose to buy gold, you are probably more the recreational type of consumer, so keep this in mind. So, the question is – why would anyone bother buying gold coins over sweepstakes?

It’s simple. A single gold coins bundle could have over one million gold coins and cost only $10, whereas, for sweepstakes, you have to exchange them at a rate of $1 per sweep. The gold coins will obviously give you a whole lot more screen time, which is ultimately what some players come to sweepstakes casinos for. 

How Do You Redeem Real Cash for Sweepstakes? 

Regulated and safe, sweepstakes casinos are trusted by their players. That trust is earned. Sweepstakes websites are bound to regulatory norms that require them to comply with KYC and AML practices.

In fact, most of these companies are regulated by watchdogs such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), and that ensures the safety of your personal information. Now, before you can redeem real cash with sweeps, you ought to go through an identity verification process.

This should usually take a few days but may vary from one platform to the next. Overall, the best sweepstakes casinos should complete the process promptly and within five business days on the outside. The ongoing process of verification doesn’t stop you from playing, though.

Once you are done, you will be able to redeem cash prizes with sweepstakes without any additional red-tape processes. Your proof of identity, proof of address, and income source are vetted by specialist due diligence experts and are protected by existing data laws in the jurisdictions the companies operate in. 

How Do I Get Sweepstakes and Gold Currency?

There are several ways to claim sweepstakes and gold coins, and they are more or less the same. You can receive either upon signing up with a new account. However, keep in mind that only one account is allowed per person, so multiple sign-ups by the same person will be penalized. 

New gold coins may be awarded as you come back to play every day, and you can generate either currency by playing the available casino games. Daily free sweeps coins are quite fun, as they are a good incentive to keep coming back for more.

Last but not least, you can purchase either currency using a popular and trusted payment method. There are, of course, other ways to claim free sweeps coins and gold coins, and they are extended at the discretion of each website individually. 

Payment Options for Sweepstakes Casinos

Sweepstakes casinos make it very easy to purchase any of their available currencies, whether you wish to play recreationally or harbor a desire to exchange your sweepstakes winnings for cash prizes. You can use the following payment methods to purchase any currency you prefer:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Bank Transfer

All of these payment methods are quick and easy to use. Traditional banking methods are what most sweepstakes casinos stick to simply because they want to run a transparent business and comply with regulatory standards. 

Other popular methods, though, include e-wallets, such as Skrill, Neteller, Neosurf, Interac, and naturally PayPal. Every payment method has specific upsides that some players may appreciate. 

Overall, you should have no trouble depositing and cashing out from any sweepstakes casino as they are all regulated, transparent, and committed to player comfort. 

Sweepstakes Casino Games

Just like regular casinos, sweepstakes casinos have hundreds of games to offer, catering to the tastes of recreational and competitive player groups. Luckily for you, the sweeps don’t fail to provide you with a top-notch gaming experience, bringing excellent titles such as: 

  • Slots
  • Progressive games
  • Table games 
  • Video poker

This means traditional titles, as well as a few games with a more modern twist. Thankfully, the slot games you can find at the most popular sweepstakes casinos are all worth your while, and offer an impartial payout table and an RNG mechanic to underpin the entire experience and take it to the next level. You will find worthwhile slot choices such as:

  • Golden Oz
  • The Great Slottini
  • Outer Space Invaders
  • Bombshell Jackpots 
  • Celtic Goddess
  • Ghoul Day
  • Mayan Gold
  • Buffalo Rush

Virtually every possible game theme has been extensively covered by sweepstakes casinos, making for one of the best gaming experiences. Better yet, you will find numerous table casino classics, including roulette, baccarat, and blackjack, enjoy video poker, and even find sweepstakes poker

What about Sweepstakes Casino Bonuses?

Sweepstakes casinos do offer bonuses to new players making for exciting experiences through and through. While these bonus packages are not necessarily too big, they are a great way to start. 

You can get a free $20 gold coin package or ten free sweeps coins to get you started. There are tons of other worthwhile promotions to try just as well. They may be extended at the casino’s discretion and to players each brand thinks to deserve these goodies. 


Are sweepstakes casinos legal in the United States? 

Yes. Sweepstakes casinos are legal in nearly all 51 states in the USA. This means that you can access these websites safely and enjoy their full offer. 

Can I win real money from sweepstakes casinos?

Yes, you can win real money. However, you can only exchange sweepstakes coins for real money. You will never win real money directly. You exchange your sweeps directly at the website and redeem real money.

Are sweepstakes casinos safe?

Yes. So long as you play at recommended and established sweepstakes casinos, you can rest assured your money, data, and efforts are all safe. 

What games are available at sweepstakes casinos?

Sweepstakes casinos run the full gamut of casino games, including slots, table games, video poker, and some even have expanded into poker. 


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